Notes From October

I’ve been trying to come up with a coherent post these last couple of days, but nothing has come together… so here are some random notes from the past month.

I love that during this time of year in the mornings when I open my front door Orion is always directly over our house. It feels like someone is watching over me and my household. I know, that sounds weird. Not stars watching over our house, but the consistency of the same stars, the heavens are unchanging. It’s a comfort in a time when everything seems to be always in fluid motion. The Maker of the stars leaves a least a couple things that we can count on (well, at least for our lifetime.)

My parents rented a cabin in the mountains earlier this month and it was incredible. We built a fire and roasted marshmallows (the girls held them over the fire for about 10 seconds then declared they wanted smores. They wouldn’t even let us set the marshmallows on fire so that they get a crispy black coating. Clearly they need more instruction on camping.) Uncle Clint taught the girls to fish and dad and I played a lot of pool. It was just what the doctor ordered. After a summer that felt brutal and unrelenting, the cool, lazy pace of fall so far has been a welcome change.

That’s of course, not counting football weekends. Sad to say, Georgia Tech’s football season has gone about how I expected with a fast start and more disappointing results now that they are facing more athletic teams. Really though the biggest disappointment of the football season has been all of the noon kickoffs. Tailgating before the game has been some of the rare social moments when I get to see people I don’t see for the rest of the year and there’s not much time for socializing when you arrive on campus at 10:00 AM and you have to be shuffling off to the stadium a couple hours later. With a night game coming this weekend, I’m hoping to reconnect with a lot of old friends at homecoming.

Adriene had a bunch of girlfriends over at the house the past weekend. I tried to stay mostly out of the way, but they were kind enough to share their massive dinner with me and let me in on a couple of laughs. Tonight I’m going to a new Bible study with some old friends. This summer was not very social and at times I felt isolated. I’m an introvert who generally enjoys time by myself, but sometimes I need to be out with a group or I get too myopic, too selfish and this fall is slowly drawing me out of that mindset.

There’s been an explosion of new music in the last couple of months that I’m trying to catch up on. Deas Vail and Quiet Science each released new albums. I heard them play most of the songs at Cornerstone Festival earlier this summer but now I have an opportunity to give them a little more attention. I also finally got on the Wilco bandwagon about three albums too late, but oh well, I’m still absorbing The Whole Love. That’s not even counting all of the free stuff I’ve downloaded from Noisetrade like compilations from Josh Ritter, Jars of Clay, and Andrew Osenga that I haven’t even had a chance to listen to yet. Soon. Also, I just got the new Coldplay album and I’m going to do my best to give it an objective listen without any prejudices. I’m so amused my the hipster backlash against Coldplay and even more amused by the anti-hipster backlash backlash (“they are so mainstream and uncool that they are cool”) I don’t really care about all that, I just care if I like the music, so we’ll see.

With my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all lining up on the horizon, it’s small surprise that I’m in better spirits these days. I feel like there is still time to say “2011 was a good year” when I look back on it some long time from now.