Random, Party of One, Your Table Is Ready

I don’t normally write “blogs.” I don’t know what I write. I guess I could call them “essays.” Anyways, Adriene and I just returned from our vacation this past weekend and I’ve got a whole bunch of thoughts just bouncing around, so I just going to throw them all down and you’ll just have to excuse me for bouncing all around from place to place.

We spent our vacation at Walt Disney World. We took a lot of pictures, but I’ll probably only post a few of them (link to follow here, later) because mostly I took pictures of landmarks and such around the parks and frankly, the only thing more boring that having to sit through someone else’s vacation pictures is sitting through someone’s vacation pictures of buildings. I have a strong love/hate relationship with Walt Disney World. On one side, it’s good, clean, family fun and no one does quality like Disney. The parks are always immaculate, food is tasty, and the staff are always friendly everywhere you go. Our hotel room was affordable (thanks to an AAA discount) and well kept by the staff, and the hotel building decorations and archtecture was very clever. On the other side, Disney is blantant commercialization. You can’t go anywhere without a cuddly Disney character accompanied by “Sponsored by….” signs. Lines are long no matter where you go, and Disney is more than ready to take your money at every possible opportunity. You can’t walk ten feet and not be near a store selling plush versions of the ubiquitous mouse.

Not to dwell too much on the downsides, we actually had a really good time and we enjoyed the rides and scenery and mostly the time to just do whatever we wanted. At the risk of sounding like a bitter old crank though, I have determined that I will not go to Disney World with children below the age of five. I saw way too many hollow-eyed parents pushing bulky strollers around the park with kids who won’t remember one moment of the whole event. Can you remember anything you did before the age of five? I certainly can’t. Besides, I don’t want to take my child on that one day when the child decides it’s just going to be a bad day no matter what and anything is just going to end in a tantrum. That’s way too much money to spend for such a little reward for the child or for the parent. I would prefer to wait until my children are old enough to walk around without me having to push them along or carry them all day and I would prefer that they actually remember it if it’s going to cost that much. Then, I’m all about Disney. I’m sure in the next couple of years, I will be proved a liar and I will violate every bold statement I made above, but not if I can help it.

I love Thanksgiving meal. Turkey. Dressing. Macaroni and cheese. Green bean casserole. Pecan Pie. Oh man, I sure am blessed to live in the South and eat a big lunch on Thanksgiving day.

Sweet sassy molassy, there sure is an amazing amount of great music that has come out lately. In September, Sandra McCracken released her amazing full-band album, Best Laid Plans. Then, Caedmon’s Call released a brilliant Indian and South American influenced Share the Well, featuring new member Andy Osenga. The man he replaced, Derek Webb, followed in November with a Wilco-influenced lyrically deep album, I See Things Upside Down. Micheal Roe and Mark Harmon of the 77’s put out Fun With Sound with lush vocals and intricate bass guitar. Now I am just getting settled into U2’s How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb which will no doubt fit well into their extensive catalog of great stuff. With Christmas comes Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb of God, an album that I’m very much looking forward to. To top it all off, I just found out yesterday that Over the Rhine will be releasing their next album Born next March. Goodness that’s a lot of music to absorb. For anyone that complains that there isn’t any creative, articulate, beautiful music being created anymore, well, you’re just not looking hard enough.

Next writing will no doubt be about Christmas. The Christmas season is starting out slowly and quietly, I enjoyed watching the lighted boats on parade on the Savannah River, even if the cold chased us inside, and I’m ready for Christmas to start ramping up soon. Here’s hoping we’ll meet again on The Darkest Night of the Year