Everyone gets their five minutes of fame….

…. but I don’t guess you get to choose what your five minutes of fame are about, do you?

It’s no big secret that for years now, I’ve been running what might be the only online NIT bracket in the world. and its mostly been for me and my friends with a couple of strangers signing in. Every year it has gotten bigger and bigger and moving up the search engines, I guess. Earlier this week, I posted announcements for the 11th Edition of our tournament. Little did I expect for a radio station in Columbus, Ohio to contact me. Since Ohio State was in the NIT this year, they wanted to link to my tournament for their listeners to join. Additionally, they wanted me to come on the air and talk a little about it. How could I resist my chance to achieve fame? (in Columbus, Ohio?) So, I called in today and got to chat with the DJ’s on air for a couple of minutes, and they may invite me back to announce the winner of the tournament in a couple weeks.

Of all the things I would be “famous” for, I never would’ve imagined it would be for that little inside joke that Will Beaty and Andy Johnson conceived with me because we watched too much basketball.