The Long, Hot Summer

Normally, this would be the blog post where I would tell you about our vacation and post some pictures. The vacation was great. We took the girls to Tybee Island and they loved the beach. They loved sitting at the edge of the water and laughed every time the waves rolled into them. They loved building sandcastles. They loved going to the Savannah Sand Gnats baseball game. They loved eating ice cream and they loved chasing Gnate the Gnat around (maybe this is a good that they won’t be terrified by Buzz the first time we go to Tech football game.) They especially loved singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the 7th Inning Stretch. They loved spending time with their grandparents.

Here is where I would post some pictures except that I left my camera at home. That’s pretty indicative of the last couple of weeks. If I’m not blogging and I’m not taking and uploading pictures that’s usually symptomatic that I am not well. And I have not been well lately. I’m wondering if it’s seasonal. It seems that August is the mirror of February for me. In Feburary I am usually coming down off of the high of the Christmas season and I am stressed out about work and I am tired, so tired of the cold weather. Here in August, I’m coming off of the high of Cornerstone Festival and I am stressed out about work and I am tired, so tired of the hot, humid weather. This makes me an unpleasant person to be around.

So, having recognized the problem, now it’s time to take steps to correct the behavior. Here I am blogging again (catharsis) and now that I’m back home I’m taking photos again (creating.) The weather will take of itself. For the first time this week, the highs dipped below the 90’s, a hint that fall is coming. And with fall comes family trips to see the changing of the leaves, football, and at some point a new addition to our family (by way of my sister and her husband. This is not a veiled statement that we are expecting.) In years past, it always seems that I bottom out around this time, so hopefully that means better days are coming, and soon. And more blog posts. And more pictures.