The Sweatiest Wedding Ever

My sister got married this weekend in a garden outside of a historic house. It’s funny how different my wedding was from Mandy’s wedding. Mine was in the winter, hers was in the summer. Mine was in a formal ceremony in an old church. Hers was a casual, but very elegant affair in the shade of magnolia trees. Ours was at night, theirs was in the heat of the day. Both were memorable landmarks that we’ll look back on and say, “this is where our lives, as we know it, began.”

One day short of summer soltice, the longest day of the year, near noontime, I stood out in a garden in a full tuxedo with a jacket and tails. Yeah, it was hot. The wedding was easily the sweatiest wedding that I ever been to. The groom, Clint, quite literally was sweating it out as he recited his vows. I guess it was all appropriate though. If Mandy is going to marry of South Georgia boy, she should get a little of that South Georgia heat and humidity on the day she marries him.

People asked me if I had trouble accepting that my baby sister was all grown up and get married, but the truth is, it really wasn’t all that hard. It was harder watching Mandy graduate from college, because to me, that was when I had to accept that she was all grown up and a responsible adult and more and more of my college life was closing down and moving out of town. Also, Adriene is even younger than Mandy and she’s now been a married woman for three and a half years, so it didn’t really seem all that unusual for her to be getting married. It didn’t hurt that she was marrying a good man, too, that made it all the easier to accept.

Well, anyways, this is all just a stake in the ground, so that I can come back later and remember where I’ve been. Lately I’ve felt like one of those action heros who are tied to a rope and the rope is tied to a car and the car is driven by Life and it’s dragging me through the streets of town. Here we are already at summer solstice so now the days are going to start getting shorter again. Cornerstone approaches and no doubt lots of stories to tell from then, too. Stay tuned.