My Weekend As A Trophy Wife


Adriene’s job had a conference on St Simon’s Island this week. Spouses were invited to join along for free so I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. Who knows when we’ll ever go to St Simon’s Island again and get a free stay at The King and Prince Hotel. We hoped we would be able to dop the children off with the grandparents in Savannah on the way down, but as it turned out Adriene’s dad was going to a conference of his own. I was afraid that would change our plans but they volunteered to take the girls with them. I’m not sure I would volunteer to take the girls in a car for six hours, but I wasn’t driving so I wasn’t about to stop them.

The result is that Adriene and I have had one of the most relaxing weeks in a long time. Adriene went to meetings in the morning and then shopped in the afternoon. I didn’t have the vacation time so I worked from the hotel room. That wasn’t so relaxing, but then again the view outside our balcony of the beach made for a much better view than my office at home. In the evening, I was Adriene’s “date” as she mixed and mingled. All I had to do was hang on her arm and look pretty (laugh here.) The meals were incredible and the room was fantastic.

The grandparents and the girls wouldn’t be back until Sunday so we drove back to Savannah and enjoyed a couple days at her parents’ house. I’ve visited Savannah tons of times, but we finally toured Fort Pulaski and finished off last night with a stroll in downtown.

It was sort of a vacation and sort of not (I ended up doing a lot of work on Wednesday and Thursday) but it was nice to have some of our first “childless” time since the cruise. I have to admit I missed the girls a little bit, especially when the grandparents put them on the phone and they told me all about the fun they were having. (Also, how Erin pulled the fire alarm at a resturaunt forcing the entire place to evacuate. Okay, I didn’t miss that part, I would have been mortified That’s the kind of thing that’s a lot funnier if you’re not there… and I wasn’t so it was funny.) The girls tried gator tail… our picky girls who won’t eat anything. I don’t even know who they are.

The week has been good, a nice break from the grind. We’ll be back in Savannah in a couple weeks for Memorial Day and hopefully we’ll have some more fun with the family then as well.

Some photos are on Flickr if you are so inclined.