Here Ends The Summer Of Our Discontent

It’s only a coincidence that a project of mine is going live right here at the end of summer, what with Friday being the first day of fall. However, it feels like more than just happenstance. This project has been long, arduous, exhausting, and frustrating and this summer was too hot, too long, and too unhappy. I saw too much death, worked too many hours, and spent too much time in a funk. It’s also no coincidence that I didn’t post much and didn’t take many pictures.

So, with autumn arriving it’s time to turn a new page and start over. At the end of 2009 I looked back and noticed a lot of bad habits and attitudes had set in and decided it was time to do some personal housecleaning. It’s time to start doing it again.

So here’s to another Fall. Football is already under way and the heat has finally broken. I’m ready for some fun in the mountains with my girls under falling leaves. I’m ready to spend more time with friends. I’m ready to spend more time with my children. I’m ready to spend more time with my family. I’m ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe, just maybe working a little more normal schedule.