25 Random Things About Me

I already posted this to pacify the Facebook meme, but I figured I’d put it here, too. Nothing new here if you’ve already seen it there

I am probably the last person in all of Teh Facebooks to do this but that’s ok…

You know the drill. Type up 25 random things about yourself. Tag other people. Etc.

25 Random Facts About Me.

1.) I used to love acting and theater. I spent a lot of my time in high school on the stage. Now, the thought of memorizing lines again terrifies me, so I’m not so much about the acting anymore.

2.) I eat cereal dry with milk on the side. I think I had soggy cereal once when I was a child and it scarred me I guess. No milk in my cereal please.

3.) In fact, I’m pretty particular about texture when it comes to food. Crunchy is good, mushy is out. This is why I like vegetables raw but hate them cooked.

4.) I’ve worked for the same company for 14 years now. That blows my mind. I mean, I was in grade school for 12 years and that seemed like forever.

5.) I enjoy programming computers, but I don’t particularly enjoy talking about computers outside of work. I like being a computer user (browsing the web, games, etc.) when I’m not working, but don’t really enjoy being a computer programmer when I’m not working.

6.) I love football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, but in the last couple of years I’ve developed quite an appetite for soccer.

7.) I’m not a baby person. Even after becoming the father of the two awesomest girls on the face of the planet, I am still pretty meh about other people’s babies. Sorry.

8.) Did I mention my girls are the awesomest? They are so much more fun now than when they were infants. Every day with them is more fun than the last day and I can’t wait to see how much fun they will be in one year, two year, five years, and ten years.

9.) I’m always resistant to new technology (blogging, iPods, Facebook, now Twitter), but I eventually cave in and I’m usually glad when I do.

10.) I like traveling but I don’t particularly enjoy flying. Not because I’m scared of flying but because it’s such a hassle. This limits my travel destinations severely.

11.) I’m a compulsive multi-tasker. It is virtually impossible for me to watch TV without being on the computer or reading a book at the same time.

12.) Yes, I’m watching the TV (Tech-Clemson basketball game) as I write this.

13.) I have had a beer with a CCM artist at a bar before.

14.) I’m not naming any names.

15.) I have inadvertently insulted a musical artist before.

16.) I’m not naming any names.

17.) I own a bass guitar, mandolin, and a lap dulcimer, but I can’t play any of them very well. It’s probably because I started trying to learn music too late in life or I’m not willing to commit time to practice them.

18.) I also have two sets of golf clubs, but I’m a pretty poor golfer. Also probably because I’m not willing to commit time to practice golf.

19.) Judging by my skill in golf and music, I’m the type of person that would rather try everything poorly than be good at one thing. I really am a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

20.) I’m actually trying to become a better photographer and learn the art of photography, so maybe I’ll finally commit to becoming good at something.

21.) I don’t hate the University of Georgia as much as I used to.

22.) Don’t tell my UGA friends because they will be obnoxious about it.

23.) Don’t tell my Tech friends either because they will think I’m getting soft.

24.) I compulsively listen to music in chronological order. I may or may not have several playlists for several different bands all in chrono. order. I may or may not have one giant playlist that starts with Elvis and the Beatles and goes all the way up to the Coldplay/Jay-Z mashups I downloaded last week.

25.) I listen to A LOT of music. I don’t know what I’m ever going to do if I get a job where I can’t listen to music while I work.