Well, it’s been a while since I last saw this little band from Cincinnati and my how the world has changed. It’s been a long, fascinating journey, and even though spring went right past us without so much as a “hello”, there was a whole lot of good stuff that’s happened in the last three months. Quite a dizzying pace, really.

I’m such a slacker. I was going to write this all near summer solstice after a friend’s wedding on top of Stone Mountain while watching the sunset. Some sort of significance in all that. Right. God had something different in mind. Who am I to argue? Instead I spent the brightest day of the year watching the sunset with good friends, old and new. It was a time to move forward and live in the present. “No living in the past”, God said, “not right now.” Well, right now, I’m living in the past. (Right now I’m living in the past? Did that strike anyone else as odd?) Since Winter, Orion has disappeared from the night sky and the days have become darn hot (unless you are at some festival on a farm in Illinois where the days are … not so hot. Who ever heard of wearing a long-sleeve shirt on a July night?) But so much more has changed, I can look back at my writings in The Darkest Night of the Year and see just how much has moved and progressed into a beautiful new life. Behold, all things are made new.

Since March, God has taught me even more than I could have possibly imagined (…and just when you think you know everything, but that myth shattered for me a long time ago.) Life has moved at a whirlwind pace and I’d have it no other way. Since I last wrote, I’ve seen awesome friendships continue to take strides and grow, and God bless ’em, some of my old friends didn’t give up! Some of my friends endured some stormy times during these last couple of months, but since then the calmness of summer has settled on everyone.

“That’s what we all dream of, right? Just to be able to say, ‘And it was good.'” – Linford Detweiler

I’ve looked back on the first half of 1998, and it was good.

Well, this is it. The last care-free summer. The last chance to be a college student. Come this time next year, the world won’t be the same. My last Rush, last Homecoming, last Fall, last football season, last Winter, last Formal dance, and more. You think I’m going to soak in every moment that I can. You betcha I am.