Andrew Osgena: The Morning

Andrew Osenga will be releasing his new album, The Morning in a couple of weeks and he has been sharing some sound clips from the album on his blog. I would encourage everyone to check them out:

New Beginning

House of Mirrors

Santa Barbara

After The Garden

So far, the album is shaping up to be my favorite post-Normals album that he has done so far. One of the cool things that Andy has done with this project is during the process of creating the album, he has posted sound clips and such for people who pre-ordered the album. Journaling is one thing, but actually hearing the progress is another. It definitely brings the listener closer to the artist in that the album feels more like a project instead of just a “single-date” release. The listener feels included in the creative process and feels a little sense of ownership in the project. But not that much. After all, we weren’t the ones up until the wee hours of the night perfecting the sound.

The album releases on May 16 and I’m looking forward to hearing and reviewing it.