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Hi there.  My name is Jeff Holland.  This is my second version of a web site.  It's more or less my library where I grab an old book and run off to the corner and read about fanciful tales and the grace of God.  This site is also my springboard into the sometimes scary, but always exciting Net world.  Grab a cup of coffee and feel free to mill around, we're always rearranging the furniture around here.

I'm in the process of re-doing this page, which has mutated from a bookmarks page that I kept while at Tech.  Now, there's all sorts of stuff here.  We're under major construction so be careful where you walk since I'm sure there are nails and broken glass all over the place and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE duck your head at the doorways!

That Which Rocks
My Favorite CD of the Month:
The Normals: A Place Where You Belong

Why do I always discover the bands that move me most after they've broken up?

Latest News
April 2, 2004
Buncha basketball geniuses we are
Congratulations to Jay Sexton and Genay Jones for taking 2nd and 3rd place in the 7th Annual NIT Pick-em Contest! Of course, everyone in the contest must live with the shame that we all lost to a person who made picks randomly by flipping a quarter. Shows how much we know about basketball. Here are the final standings for the contest.

March 27, 2004
I have become that which I mock.
I used to make fun of people that tried to meet people they talked to on the Internet.

March 15, 2004
Total guesses about mediocre teams
Hot diggity! The form for making your picks for the 7th Annual NIT Pick-em contest is now online!

Feburary 27, 2004
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, XML me
Further showing my geekery, you can now get updates to my site via an RSS feed.

Feburary 22, 2004
What happens when you combine a music fan and a geek?
People always said I had an overactive imagination as a child.  Well, apparently I never grew up.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the greatest fake band ever,The Heisenburg Principle!

Feburary 12, 2004
Well, I promise I have friends, but I guess none of them have web pages. However, now that I've met a bunch of crazy kids from a crazy forum, I've got some links for my friends section. And they update their sites a whole lot more often than I do. Silly bloggers.


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XML rocks y'all.

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