Cornerstone Vids #35, Anberlin – 2009

Here we are! The last video in my series of Cornerstone videos from years past. That means the festival is just around the corner.

Anberline has been a regular at the festival (though, sadly, absent from the lineup this year) for 6 or 7 years now and they’ve moved from the tent stages to a featured performer on the Main Stage and, in my opinion, steadily improved along the way. I missed last year’s show, but from what I hear it was one of their best. This cover of New Order’s “True Faith” shows their 80’s influences while being firmly rooted as one of the hot bands of “today.”

1 thought on “Cornerstone Vids #35, Anberlin – 2009

  1. This show was AWESOME. It was probably the best of the fest for me last year, and the “True Faith” cover (out of left field) was a highlight.

    The crowd where I was at was kind of odd, one of those mysteries of the modern concert goer. I was a few yards back from the end of the catwalk, and I (an old guy) was rocking out for the whole show – dancing (as much as I ever do), fist pumping where appropriate, and generally loving it. Most of the people around me were standing stock-still, which just seems odd. I wasn’t a big fan of the crowd surfing culture of the 90s that resulted in people crowd surfing at Sixpence and Third Day shows, but I’m not crazy about this shoegazer style of fan, either. Rock shows are supposed to be fun and active!

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