If There Is A Wedding, Tech Wins


One time is an accident, two times is a coincidence, and three times is a conspiracy. In 2004, I missed the Georgia Tech-North Carolina game where P.J. Daniels ran for an absurd amount of yards in a second-half victory. After a wedding in 2006, everyone at the wedding stood around a car radio while we listened to Micheal Johnson sack the Maryland quarterback to preserve a nail-biting win. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all that Georgia Tech would pull off a victory over the highest ranked team at home since 1962. I missed out on students rushing the field, tearing down the goal posts, etc. etc. Such is the way of having weddings in the fall.

On the other hand, as amazing and memorable as the game surely was, I’m not really sorry that I missed it. I was more than happy to fly to Greensboro and sit in the church and see my friends Jason and Alisa married. I was particularly happy to reunite with friends, many of whom I hadn’t seen in many years. I was happy to enjoy at nice dinner at Lucky 32 and then sit around the table at Natty Green’s and waste an evening. The wedding and reception was a great celebration and there are not enough superlatives to describe the afterparty. I’m thankful for Mike and Kari being gracious enough to welcome us into their home and stay up all hours of the night. I’m particularly thankful for Mike showing me how to use the TV remote so Carla and I could switch back and forth between the Alabama-South Carolina game and the Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game. Oh, and I’m thankful for Trey’s stories about ex-girlfriends (and I’m thankful that Susan was there to hear it again) and Brian’s stories about his boss. I’m also thankful that my parents could watch the girls and allow us to escape and enjoy the company of other adults while not having to constantly scan the room to see what trouble our children are in or be able to have conversations not interrupted by “NO!” and “DON’T TOUCH THAT.” every couple of seconds.

Yeah, I know the game was phenomenal, but as I sat on a couch with some coffee and Irish Cream surrounded by friends watching the game on TV, I don’t know whether or not I would’ve traded places with my seat in the stands that night. Congratulations, Jason and Alisa, here’s to a long, happy life together.

4 thoughts on “If There Is A Wedding, Tech Wins

  1. I am so glad you guys could be there! It made me realize how much I miss you.

    (Also, it is Lucky 32. Unless you guys changed the name when you were there.)

  2. I wouldn’t have traded my seat in the stands for ANYBODY’S wedding. People who are football fans who get married in the fall are just asking for trouble. People who aren’t football fans who get married in the fall aren’t thinking about their friends. 🙂

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