The Raging Of The Moon


thank God the world’s been saved
Marx is in his grave
the hammer and sickle lie broken on the ground
if we’re through with history
then why this misery?
all the world was thrilling to the sound
when the wall came crashing down
so tell me why i can’t explain
this howling deep within my veins
is it the pulling of some secret tide?

it’s the raging
the raging of the moon
from the raging of the moon

see the path we take
see the bed we make
oh let the Spirit open our eyes
(we get comfortable with lies)
the magic’s at an end
the line’s been crossed again
the truth keeps getting further from our lives
it’s all been disguised
the moon is full and red as wine
a symbol of our fallen times
when will the stars come crashing down from our eyes?

it’s the raging
the raging of the moon
from the raging of the moon
are we shaken?
for the signs are coming true
oh, we must awaken
from the raging of the moon

Whiteheart – Raging of the Moon

After sixteen years, the sound is a little dated, but Tales of Wonder by Whiteheart is still an amazing album. It’s out of fashion to do stacked harmonic vocals and gratuitous guitar solos, but songs like “Unchain”, “Who Owns You”, “Where The Thunder Roars”, and “Gabriela” are still pretty powerful. They are artifacts from a different time, but they are very much a part of my high school life, which was also a different time.

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  1. I always thought that Freedom was their best album.. Believe it or not, but I remember seeing them here in NJ with none other than Margaret Becker as the opening act.

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