It’s Hockey Night In Savannah

Just because I like to see it on the front page of a newspaper…


We drove down to Savannah this weekend for the annual ice hockey tournament. FSU was the surprise winner of the Thrasher Cup for the tournament, but Georgia Tech beat Georgia and after basketball and football this year, it was nice to see Tech finish on top for once. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we had access to the V.I.P. room which always makes wins sweeter and losses not hurt so much. Food and beer always taste better when they are free, too.

Pictures of the whole tournament are on my Flickr site.

4 thoughts on “It’s Hockey Night In Savannah

  1. I think if any school in Georgia goes D-I in hockey, it will be Kennsaw State (which would be awesome because that would be close to home.) But KSU is seriously considering adding football, too, and that would probably make hockey unlikely because they’d have to match all those male scholarships with female scholarships.

  2. I’m still bitter about Gov. Perdue squashing KSU’s hockey bid. They were almost there! The student body had even agreed for fees to be raised to support going varsity.

    If they ever go up, I fully expect that Lance West, one of our former assistants, to be their head coach. That will make me a fan of their program, because I love Westy. Great guy, good coach.

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