Why I hate Tech fans

Adriene and I travelled up to Clemson this weekend, and well, we had a pretty miserable time. The game wasn’t so much the reason, Clemson absolutely beat Georgia Tech down. It wasn’t the game however that ruined the day, and no, it wasn’t the Clemson fans. They were obnoxious, but by and large, pretty good natured people who treated us well.

It was my own team’s fans. I realized this weekend that I hate my own team’s fans.

Why I hate Georgia Tech fans:

  • They have a sense of entitlement like no other fans I’ve ever seen. At least fans who expect their teams to win every weekend ACTUALLY WIN MOST OF THE TIME. Tech plays just barely above .500 ball and yet the fans seem to think they are competing for National Championships and act like spoiled brats when they lose. You would think by now fans would be a little more realistic.
  • They have no freaking clue about the game of football. Clemson absolutely dominated Tech on both offensive line and defensive line due to their larger size. And yet, the fans screamed and whined to bench the quarterback and fire the coach. Here’s a clue, genius. If your team can’t block the other team, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got Lombardi as your coach and Manning as your quarterback. You. Will. Lose.
  • Everywhere you go, you think you should go to the front of the line because you are a Tech fan. You’re smarter than everyone else, so you just cut in front of line and step in front of people. Why? Because you’re a Tech fan, you deserve it.
  • They behave like idiots during the American anthem and like idiots when a player on the other team gets injured. They could’ve learned a lot from Clemson’s fans.
  • Because despite the fact that you’ve had nine winning seasons in a row, something your program hasn’t done since 1922 (1922!), all you do is whine about how awful your coach is.
  • All they do is cheer about how much they hate other teams instead of ACTUALLY CHEERING FOR THEIR TEAM.
  • Because all you do is brag about how hard your school is and how smart your athletes are, and yet when you lose, you complain about how hard your academics are (despite the fact that the Management degree at Tech is a fine degree, but not really that much harder than most other University degrees.) so you use it as an excuse and whine about it.
  • Because you don’t show up for home games except for the big games. And you sell your tickets to visiting fans, particularly UGA fans (who, by the way, at least make Georgia Tech fans the second worst fans in the state) so that your team has to play away games in their own stadium
  • Your school and your football team deserves a whole lot better than you. Sorry, Tech fans. If you could be fired, I’d buy out your contract.

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