Passing the musical baton

I’ve been passed the musical baton from Geof, so I guess I better do something with it….

Amount of music on your computer?

809 songs, 3.32 GB. This is by no means an accurate representation of my musical collection. Most of what’s on there is what I’ve moved back and forth from my iPod Shuffle. I’ve got a lot more stuff than this, and my musical tastes are a little more diverse than what’s on my laptop.

Currently listening to?

Well, if you really want to know what I’m listening to right now….

I’ve been in a Cornerstone mood for about a month now, because I’m not going this year and I’m slightly bummed about it. I’ve been going through most of my albums from bands that have played at Cornerstone before. As I write this, I’m listening to Micheal Roe’s 1997 Cornerstone Encore stage show.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

Gah. This is gonna be tough. I’m gonna let iTunes tell me what I’ve listened to the most.

Trouble – Coldplay

There’s A Stirring – 2nd Chapter of Acts (as covered by Caedmon’s Call)

Somewhere North of Here – Caedmon’s Call

Undone – The Violet Burning

Where The Streets Have No Name – U2

I reserve the right to change these songs for any reason.

Top five albums?

U2 – Joshua Tree
I’m not sure any album will ever top this one. Every song is a legitimate single. U2 may have topped themselves in terms of creativity with Achtung Baby, but this album is far more consistent and polished from end-to-end.

Caedmon’s Call – self titled album
This album was like a first kiss for me with Caedmon’s Call. The production on this album is outstanding, you can hear every little thing going on and there are always three or four things going on at the same time. You never forget your first kiss.

Over the Rhine – Good Dog, Bad Dog
I agonized over this choice. Ohio is brilliant, but almost overwhelming in its sprawling attempt to cover too much. Films For Radio rocks, but sounds almost too polished. Drunkard’s Prayer doesn’t sound polished enough. The older material is too eager. So, in the end, I had to go with the album that re-invented this band and established them as masters of heartache and faith.

The Normals – Coming To Life
This album has shot up through the ranks like a skyrocket in the scant two or three years that I’ve had it. Shades of Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, u2, it’s all here. Deep, deep emotion and power. How on earth did the music industry bungle this band? How is it possible? I’m speechless.

The Choir – Circle Slide
Of all the Lost Dogs related bands (Daniel Amos, The Choir, The 77’s, Adam Again), this CD is the best “complete work” from end-to-end. The whole album encompasses a longing for heaven and features the quirky percussion of Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty’s smooth vocals, and lyricon by Buckeye Dan Micheals all over the album.

Last album bought?

I bought Copeland’s In Motion and Mae’s The Everglow at the same time. Haven’t listened to them more than once yet, but The Everglow sounds like the stronger of the two initially.

Recent discoveries?

Every year, I’ve always made a discovery at Cornerstone:
2004 – Sleeping At Last
2002 – Further Seems Forever
2001 – The Choir
2000 – The Violet Burning
1998 – Burlap to Cashmere

This year, since I’m not there, I took a chance on Copeland and Mae. The jury is still out.

Passing on the musical baton.

Hmmm รขโ‚ฌยฆ

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Kari B.

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  1. I’m glad to have gotten one of your top fives into your house—it’s only fair, since you did the same for me.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggled with the OTR selection.

  2. Wow, I just saw this when I checked Adriene’s blog . . . I have started working on it, so I should have answers for you tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Oh, and I pointed Mike in this direction as well.)

  3. Yeah, I started to get some trackback spam, so I blew the whistle and ordered everyone out of the pool. No trackbacks allowed on my site. But thanks for posting your link to your post!

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