To Dublin and Back Again


After a trip to London two years ago, I felt like that itch had been scratched. I was not really interested in going across the ocean again. Then we got the news that Georgia Tech, that football team I spend too much time and money following, would be playing their first ever game in Dublin, Ireland. I couldn’t miss this opportunity so off we were once again for a couple days in Dublin and London. Georgia Tech won the game in the final seconds and the city of Dublin was amazing. The day after the football game there was a massive championship game for the Irish sport called hurling. We spent our evenings in pubs celebrating with the hurling fans. They didn’t know our sport and we didn’t know theirs, but no one cared. The Irish people made the trip with their humor and conversations. London was special in its own way, too, as we were able to catch some of the places we missed on our first trip. Our friends from London even joined us in Dublin for an evening and then dinner in London as well.

We came back from London and I wanted to write all about it and then autumn swallowed me whole. We fell into the dual schedule of cheerleading and lacrosse and I lapsed into a writer’s block as I drove back and forth to practices. That, combined with the awful election season, left me without much nice to say and so this poor site has been left without updates for almost six months. As always.

That doesn’t mean nothing has happened. I have been to a bunch of football games which were surprisingly more fun than expected and I’ve watched my girls grow and start to develop unique skills in specific areas, which has been very rewarding. I’ve been to some excellent concerts. I tried to write something about the amazing Paper Route show I saw and how it ties into the manic, emotion-bending times we are all living in now, but nothing good came of it. I’ve have some opportunities to spend time with family and with the Christmas season approaching I am hopeful for some more time together. Maybe the writer’s block will finally start to crumble and I’ll have something better to say.

In the meantime, another autumn has passed and we are now full-on into the Advent season. If I’m lucky, I’ll have another period of “downtime” after Christmas and I’ll have some time reflect on a year that I can truly say has been unlike any other.

Kerosene Halo in Birmingham

For the last couple years whenever Micheal Roe and/or Derri Daugherty started a tour, their first stop was always here in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the venue has closed so the opening date this time around for Keorsene Halo, the band project by both Roe and Daugherty, was in Birmingham, Alabama. I wanted to see the show and figure it would be a good opportunity to see some old friends, so I made a little weekend trip out to Birmingham.

Well, “Birmingham.” The location was as much “Birmingham” as Dallas, Georgia venue I used to see them at was as much, “Atlanta.” It was way out in the middle of nowhere, but it was a nice church venue with a nice large stage and decent PA (and a lighted cross above the stage that slowly changed colors which was kinda distracting.) Mike and Derri brought Steve Hindalong on drums and Paul Averitt on bass guitar for a full band sound. Averitt opened the show with three songs on acoustic guitar before the band played.

Let it not be said this tour is some retread of past efforts by Roe or Daughtery. The set list was pretty much all new songs except for the Lost Dogs song “That’s Where Jesus Is” (ironically, the only song that Roe flubbed the lyrics on.) They also brought a grand total of 5 new CDs for “new product” (the new Kerosene Halo CD, a covers CD, Steve’s solo CD, a little acoustic CD by Derri, and a live 2001 show with Roe and Dave Beegle.) It was definitely a “first show on the tour” show as they often had to ask each other who was starting the song and had their guitars tuned wrong for a couple songs, but once the songs started they sounded really good.

The set was broken up into four little “mini-sets.” The first set was three songs from the new album as a four-piece band and Roe was in fine form as always on electric guitar.

Mike said they didn’t want to do this tour as “The Mike and Derri Lost Dogs Comedy Hour”, but this part was the “Mike and Derri Lost Dogs Comedy Hour” as it was just the two of them on acoustic guitar. Derri told a story about how he and Steve tried to pitch “Beautiful Girl” to the show Nashville, but they never got a response and then the show folded. Oh well.

Steve Hindalong took the front of the stage next and he did “O Jimmy A” solo on guitar, explaining the lyric “never mind my lungs… roll me another one” was about how on their route 66 tour Jimmy A was always rolling cigarettes (tobacco, of course, though Steve noted that his sister is being treated for cancer with cannabis, and then looked a little sheepish for talking about marijuana in a Southern small-town church.) The rest of the band joined him and Derri played bass and Averitt played drums (seriously, is there anything this guy can’t do?) and they rocked out a little bit to two of Steve’s songs on his new CD.

The last “mini-set” was a couple of covers. Kinda funny hearing Tom Petty in a church. Mike went off on electric was Derri just played some shakers and Steve and Paul held down the beat. They then came back for an encore of “Blackbird” and “Goodnight Goodnight”

It was a really fun show, just because it was very different from the typical Lost Dogs/Mike Roe/Derri and Steve type of show. My only complaint was that it was kinda short (about 90 minutes). I got screwed up by the time change (show was in Central Time)… my phone didn’t change over to the Central Time Zone, so I thought it was a lot later than it actually was and didn’t hang around long after the show. I hope they can find some new place to play in Atlanta, but it was certainly worth the drive.

Don’t You Weep For Me
Sweet Girl
Ghost of Johnny Cash

Beautiful Girl
The Outlaw (Larry Norman)
That’s Where Jesus Lives
Leave It There

Hey Jimmy A
Love You Bad
Lucky and Blessed

Learning to fly (Tom Petty)
Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)

Blackbird (The Beatles)
Goodnight Goodnight



I’ve tried my hardest not to be a “sports parent.” I don’t have any belief that my children are spectacular athletes. I do, however, want them to be active and enjoy competition. So, once they were old enough to run around and (mostly) listen to instructions, we put them in a soccer league. That worked out ok for the most part for one of my children but the other one…. kinda hated it. We tried cheerleading next and again, one of my children enjoyed it and the other one was pretty unhappy. So, when it came time to figure out another extracurricular activity, I would throw out suggestions and she would shoot down each one. Ok, I said, it doesn’t have to be sports, what about learning to play a music instrument? No, absolutely not. I was starting to reach the end of my rope when out of the blue she came to me and said, “I want to play lacrosse.”

I don’t know where lacrosse came from, it’s not a sport I watch on TV or go to see, but apparently Erin played it at elementary school at PE and liked it. At this point, I was willing to try anything as long as she would not be miserable. We played a short season in our church league and she enjoyed it enough that we decided to step it up a little bit and put her in a competitive youth league.

What a step up it was. It turns out the team that Erin joined was a team of ringers. Most of the girls had years of experience playing and not only that, but experience playing with each other. So, poor Erin was put in pretty deep waters and asked to swim. She was still learning basic skills while playing on a team that was running up the score on hapless opponents. It was hard, but maybe it was good for her to do something hard. Fortunately, she had a coaching staff that was relentlessly encouraging and pushed her to do her best and halfway through the season she scored her first goal, a big achievement that she worked hard to get. I was proud of Erin, because she’s really struggled with trying new things and getting frustrated when she is not instantly an expert at it and this was a real challenge of her and while she struggled in the season, she had a tangible accomplishment like a goal to show for it.

At the end of the season, we asked her “Do you want to do this again next season?” and after thinking for a moment, she nodded. Given how much she complained about soccer and cheerleading, that was a far more positive response. So, here we are, about to do all this again in a fall league. It is supposedly not quite as hardcore and competitive in the fall and since many of her teammates are moving up to the next age level, she’ll be one of the more experienced players. With Grace starting up cheerleading again for another football season, we’re about to start the craziness of fall again.

My Favorite Music of 2015

2015 is now in the books so it’s time for my annual recap of the music I liked. It’s not a list of the best music and it’s not even all music that actually came out in 2015, but it’s a nice way for me to tie a bow on the year and group together the music I’ll remember when I think back to this year.

First: The albums that I didn’t really have time to form an opinion on
Mutemath: Vitals
Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams
Hamilton: Soundtrack
Honestly, all of this music arrived about the time I switched to Christmas music so I really haven’t listened to any of them more than once. Coldplay and Mutemath are known entities, so I’m sure they are pretty good. Hamilton is an interesting twist on a musical. I had my musical theater phase 25 years ago so I’m kinda past that format, but the hip-hop element of the soundtrack might draw me back in.

The Top 5
The Lone Bellow: Then Came the Morning
Ryan Adams: 1989
Anberlin: Never Take Friendship Personal: Live
The Oh Hellos: Dear Wormwood
Stranger Kings

The Lone Bellow album and the The Oh Hellos albums are very strong efforts following my discovery of the bands in 2013. I love the Ryan Adams version of 1989 because I always kinda felt like Taylor Swift was playing a character, like the bad girl she sings about on the album is a wink and a nod as she says “okay, boys this is what you want me to be.” On the other hand, I can totally buy Ryan Adams as the unstable, mercurial romantic partner. I also like how the stronger songs on Ryan Adam’s version are the weaker ones from Swift’s original album (and vice-versa, as good as Adam’s tracks are they can’t touch the classic singles from the original.)

The Stranger Kings albums is a great combination of some classic 80’s New Wave with a breath of fresh air and I am very happy to hear familiar musicians like Herb Grimmaud, Jr and Holly Nelson again.

…and the Anberlin live album, it’s from last year, but I’m just not ready to let go of Anberlin yet. The crowd is on fire and screaming along to every song on this live concert recording.

The Next 5

Over the Rhine: Live From Nowhere Farm
Wilco: Star Wars
Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell
Josh Garrells: Home
Copeland: Ixora/Twin

I’ve been gradually drifting away from Over the Rhine, their current sound is not my favorite style. However, this little live album from their fundraiser for their new barn/performance center is a very good snapshot of what they sound like now in concert. The addition of Bradley Meinerding on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals is the missing piece that I’ve been craving for the last couple of years from OTR. The Sufjan Stevens album is brilliant, but it’s also hard to listen to, partly because it’s so raw emotionally and partly because I’ve gotten used to the bombastic and loud Sufjan Stevens. The Copeland album is a repeat from my “Top Albums of 2014” list, but the Twin additional album gives the songs a new dynamic that it’s almost like rediscovering it again and it’s grown on me so much this year.

2015: “Simplify” 2016: “Prepare”

2015 was a pretty good year and I’m happy to be able to say that. After some difficult years with a lot of loss and a lot of ending of eras, this past year seemed to stabilize a little bit. The girls started to take some big steps toward maturing into pre-teens, which is a little scary but at the same time we’ve reached a point where we are ready to move on to the next phase of life. They also had some great achievements of their own as well which had to be one of the greatest parts of being a parent.

We’ve been thinking about the “word for the year” for 2016. Adriene said her word for 2016 is “present” and I liked that a lot. My word in 2015 was “simplify” after I wanted to try and simplify my life after a crazy 2014. I think I succeeded for the most part until fall when everything went a little sideways. I think Fall 2016 will be a little different for us. My word for 2016 is “prepare.” I feel like there were a lot of times in 2015 where I was going by the seat of my pants. I also feel like a lot of the moments of stress this past year could have been prevented simply by taking a few moments before the week or next day started and planned ahead. In particular, I’m going to try to be more proactive in planning meals as I feel like too many nights everyone came home from work and school and said “what are we doing for dinner?” and we’d make a snap decision like order a pizza. I’d like to minimize that (or at the very least, order pizza a little less often)

We’ve had a week without children here so we’ve done a lot of throwing trash out and caught up on some tasks that have been pushed down the priority list. Tomorrow, after we celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight as a couple, we’ll drive down to Savannah and pick the girls up and come home and find what 2016 has for us.