Kerosene Halo in Birmingham

For the last couple years whenever Micheal Roe and/or Derri Daugherty started a tour, their first stop was always here in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the venue has closed so the opening date this time around for Keorsene Halo, the band project by both Roe and Daugherty, was in Birmingham, Alabama. I wanted to see the show and figure it would be a good opportunity to see some old friends, so I made a little weekend trip out to Birmingham.

Well, “Birmingham.” The location was as much “Birmingham” as Dallas, Georgia venue I used to see them at was as much, “Atlanta.” It was way out in the middle of nowhere, but it was a nice church venue with a nice large stage and decent PA (and a lighted cross above the stage that slowly changed colors which was kinda distracting.) Mike and Derri brought Steve Hindalong on drums and Paul Averitt on bass guitar for a full band sound. Averitt opened the show with three songs on acoustic guitar before the band played.

Let it not be said this tour is some retread of past efforts by Roe or Daughtery. The set list was pretty much all new songs except for the Lost Dogs song “That’s Where Jesus Is” (ironically, the only song that Roe flubbed the lyrics on.) They also brought a grand total of 5 new CDs for “new product” (the new Kerosene Halo CD, a covers CD, Steve’s solo CD, a little acoustic CD by Derri, and a live 2001 show with Roe and Dave Beegle.) It was definitely a “first show on the tour” show as they often had to ask each other who was starting the song and had their guitars tuned wrong for a couple songs, but once the songs started they sounded really good.

The set was broken up into four little “mini-sets.” The first set was three songs from the new album as a four-piece band and Roe was in fine form as always on electric guitar.

Mike said they didn’t want to do this tour as “The Mike and Derri Lost Dogs Comedy Hour”, but this part was the “Mike and Derri Lost Dogs Comedy Hour” as it was just the two of them on acoustic guitar. Derri told a story about how he and Steve tried to pitch “Beautiful Girl” to the show Nashville, but they never got a response and then the show folded. Oh well.

Steve Hindalong took the front of the stage next and he did “O Jimmy A” solo on guitar, explaining the lyric “never mind my lungs… roll me another one” was about how on their route 66 tour Jimmy A was always rolling cigarettes (tobacco, of course, though Steve noted that his sister is being treated for cancer with cannabis, and then looked a little sheepish for talking about marijuana in a Southern small-town church.) The rest of the band joined him and Derri played bass and Averitt played drums (seriously, is there anything this guy can’t do?) and they rocked out a little bit to two of Steve’s songs on his new CD.

The last “mini-set” was a couple of covers. Kinda funny hearing Tom Petty in a church. Mike went off on electric was Derri just played some shakers and Steve and Paul held down the beat. They then came back for an encore of “Blackbird” and “Goodnight Goodnight”

It was a really fun show, just because it was very different from the typical Lost Dogs/Mike Roe/Derri and Steve type of show. My only complaint was that it was kinda short (about 90 minutes). I got screwed up by the time change (show was in Central Time)… my phone didn’t change over to the Central Time Zone, so I thought it was a lot later than it actually was and didn’t hang around long after the show. I hope they can find some new place to play in Atlanta, but it was certainly worth the drive.

Don’t You Weep For Me
Sweet Girl
Ghost of Johnny Cash

Beautiful Girl
The Outlaw (Larry Norman)
That’s Where Jesus Lives
Leave It There

Hey Jimmy A
Love You Bad
Lucky and Blessed

Learning to fly (Tom Petty)
Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)

Blackbird (The Beatles)
Goodnight Goodnight

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