2015: “Simplify” 2016: “Prepare”

2015 was a pretty good year and I’m happy to be able to say that. After some difficult years with a lot of loss and a lot of ending of eras, this past year seemed to stabilize a little bit. The girls started to take some big steps toward maturing into pre-teens, which is a little scary but at the same time we’ve reached a point where we are ready to move on to the next phase of life. They also had some great achievements of their own as well which had to be one of the greatest parts of being a parent.

We’ve been thinking about the “word for the year” for 2016. Adriene said her word for 2016 is “present” and I liked that a lot. My word in 2015 was “simplify” after I wanted to try and simplify my life after a crazy 2014. I think I succeeded for the most part until fall when everything went a little sideways. I think Fall 2016 will be a little different for us. My word for 2016 is “prepare.” I feel like there were a lot of times in 2015 where I was going by the seat of my pants. I also feel like a lot of the moments of stress this past year could have been prevented simply by taking a few moments before the week or next day started and planned ahead. In particular, I’m going to try to be more proactive in planning meals as I feel like too many nights everyone came home from work and school and said “what are we doing for dinner?” and we’d make a snap decision like order a pizza. I’d like to minimize that (or at the very least, order pizza a little less often)

We’ve had a week without children here so we’ve done a lot of throwing trash out and caught up on some tasks that have been pushed down the priority list. Tomorrow, after we celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight as a couple, we’ll drive down to Savannah and pick the girls up and come home and find what 2016 has for us.