Dear Wilderness, be at your best

With all of the rain we have had here in Atlanta and with school starting tomorrow, it feels as if we really didn’t have a summer. Even so, we managed to squeeze in a couple summer vacation trips. We spent a week with Adriene’s parents in Myrtle Beach with trips to the beach, a baseball game, water parks, and even a short visit with friends. This past weekend, sensing that school was looming like a shadow over us, we did a quick trip to Chattanooga to play in the Children’s Museum, go to the Aquarium, and even do the touristy ride up the Incline railroad to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Now, time has run out and delay as we might, it’s time to transition to a new phase of life. Tomorrow the girls begin Kindergarten at the “big school.” We’ve been dropping them off at Pre-K for years now so this shouldn’t feel like such a big change, but it does. We’re going from letting them play in the kids pool to swimming in something deeper and it’s no surprise we’re a little apprehensive.

When Adriene was pregnant one of the songs that went through my head a lot was Sleeping At Last’s “Umbrellas” and the line “You were meant for amazing things” kept resonating through my head as we waited with all of the imagined potential of what our daughters would be. Now, another song keeps going through my head by Sleeping At Last. In “Wilderness”, Ryan O’Neal begs the unforgiving world “though it goes against every grain of your sand, like turning wolves into lambs, be your best for her.” We are prepared the start a new world, but we’re asking, please, dear wilderness be at your best.