Easter 2011

I broke the fast with a Yuengling tonight. I don’t usually like to talk about what I give up for Lent, but you guys, the Yuengling tasted so good. Maybe I’m due for AA. I think this is the first year since the girls were born that I actually gave up something for Lent. Maybe the last couple of years I’ve felt too weak to give up my vices.

This is the first year in a long while that I really felt like I had a moment to appreciate Easter. I don’t know whether it’s the fog of raising toddlers or the anxiety of my job (I was pretty certain I would be laid off both in the spring of 2009 and the spring of 2010) but this Easter felt more “real” than the last couple of ones if that makes any sense. Somehow, I’ve been able to appreciate Christmas the last few years but Easter seemed to fall off the table and I suspect that’s a flaw in me that I haven’t had time to assess.

On Saturday before the day, my friend David and his family came over to my parents’ house and we sat on the porch and talked while his son played with my girls in the backyard (by the way, I am so happy to reach this age, you know, the age where the kids play while the parents sit on the deck and talk and watch. So much more fun than chasing them around and keeping them from hurting themselves.) David says we need to write a book. Something about growing up and relearning our faith while developing our professional careers all while trying to keep doing creative work on the side as we relate to our fathers as we ourselves become fathers. Maybe he’s on to something.

On Easter Sunday, more family came over to mom and dad’s. My sister’s baby is just learning to sit up so she couldn’t really play with the girls but they tried their best to be nice to her, giving her eggs to play with and making faces to get her to laugh. Maybe in a couple years she will be old enough to play with my girls and run around in the backyard while I sit on the porch and laugh. I can’t wait.

This long, cold, hard winter is finally over. Whether or not the actual resurrection of Christ happened in spring or some other part of the year, I’m glad we celebrate it at this time. It feels like life is coming back. God is renewing our spirits and giving us strength and joy as we enter a new part of the year and a new phase of life.