A Decade Doesn’t Seem So Long Anymore

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today Adriene and I were married. We were married in a large, old, historic church in Savannah on a misty evening. It may have been a little warm in Savannah, it was freezing at home where everyone who drove down to our wedding found upon their return that Atlanta was covered in ice and snow. So many things have changed since then and yet some things are still the same.

When we came home from the wedding, we lived in an apartment that was something akin to a bunker. It sat on a bluff and overlooked the Chattahoochee River, but it was the bottom floor of a building dug into the bluff, so it felt like living in a cold basement. Now, we live in a house between Kennesaw Mountain and Lost Mountain. We’ve made some changes to the house since moving in, but it more or less looks the same as our first day in the house.

I actually did put something on my website after our wedding. This was before the term “weblog” was in common usage, but that’s what it was. We didn’t have high-speed internet in the apartment, we only connected every now and then over the phone. High-speed internet usage was done at the office, before companies really cared or knew what their employees were doing on their computers at work. The ability to surf the web without wires was a dream that only became real after we moved into our house.

Before our first anniversary, we watched planes crash into skyscrapers in New York over and over again on an endless loop on the news until we were so emotionally exhausted we fell asleep on the couch. There has never been an illusion of safety in our country since and yet nine years later here were are. Adriene has been through three jobs and starts her fourth at the start of 2011. I’m still with the same company though I have moved through a variety of projects.

Music is still a big part of our lives. Some of our favorite bands in 2000 are still our favorite bands in 2010 (U2 and Over the Rhine, for example) and we’ve added several new ones since. We didn’t do mix tapes for each other, but we did occasionally burn a CD for each other to listen to. These days it’s easier to show a little love and share music just by passing the other one a USB stick and saying “you really ought to listen to this.”

Most of the time, however, when we first were married the house was quiet. It was only us and our cat, acquired not long after we were married, who is still here and mostly the same only fatter. The house is no longer quiet, however, with two three-year olds singing, playing games, and asking question after question after question. It’s a cacophony of joy until they go to bed and the house goes quiet again. The evening is a short time to recharge usually spent watching TV or browsing the Internet. Most importantly we are just physically present in the same room so we can laugh about something we found on the computer together or figure out how to solve all of the world’s problems.

It’s been a good 10 years and a good ride. The next ten years will bring about even more changes and some other crazy technological advances that change how we spend our days, I’m sure. We will have teenagers in the house. That’s scary. But hopefully some things will stay the same, such as our determination and tenacity to work together and make this thing we call a family keep moving on. Happy ten years, love, here’s to many more to come.

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