These Days They Are A River


I’ve been thinking a lot about phases of life lately. When I was in college, everyone was more or less at the same phase of life. Oh sure, some were freshmen just out of high school and learning to live on their own for the first time and some were seniors ready to strike out on their own with a real job, but ultimately we were all in college. Now, everyone is in all sorts of stages of life. Some of my friends are just getting married while others are watching with bittersweet joy as their babies go off to kindergarten this past month. Some of my friends are having their first child while others are getting ready to do it all again pulling out all their old baby stuff for their second or third child. These are all milestones that we throw down in the ground because time gives us no choice but to keep going forward. These are moments that we celebrate year after year.

Today my little babies moved out of their cribs. Yes, they were converted into toddler beds a while ago, but now they are in real, actual beds. Beds they may have when they are teenagers and maybe even until they move out. It’s another milestone as time moves forward. (Lest I get all nostalgic, Gracie inexplicably vomited twice today, so … fond memories of infancy!) I know everyone talks about how time moves so fast with children, but it hasn’t felt like that for me. Maybe it’s because last year was so hard. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable, my little babies are becoming little girls and like a freight train, it can’t be stopped. I think I’m fine with that, but we’re reaching an age where I’m going to start slamming my feet on the brakes as hard as possible to slow things down.

Today also, my little sister and her husband gave birth to their first child. As we move out of the stage of young childhood they enter it. Everything will change for them and their daughter will have milestones of her own, moving through phases of life as we all move forward.