Cornerstone Vids #34, Flatfoot 56 – 2008

Flatfoot 56 has combined the elements of punk music from artists like The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys and added a little local Chicago influence. The band has become wildly popular at Cornerstone festival with fun live shows. In the past years at Cornerstone, the band has had a toga party on stage, dressed in Chicago Bears uniforms and grilled sausages in a tailgate during a show, and last year re-enacted the storming of the Alamo. At the end of the show, the poles of the tent had literally shifted out of place as kids whirled around in a massive swirling mosh pit.

During Cornerstone 2008, Flatfoot 56 played on Main Stage and re-enacted the famous Braveheart scene. You kids down there be careful….

Want to see it from ground level? OK….

And just for fun… some high quality footage of “Chinatown Jailbreak” from Cornerstone 2007