Cornerstone Vids #35, Anberlin – 2009

Here we are! The last video in my series of Cornerstone videos from years past. That means the festival is just around the corner.

Anberline has been a regular at the festival (though, sadly, absent from the lineup this year) for 6 or 7 years now and they’ve moved from the tent stages to a featured performer on the Main Stage and, in my opinion, steadily improved along the way. I missed last year’s show, but from what I hear it was one of their best. This cover of New Order’s “True Faith” shows their 80’s influences while being firmly rooted as one of the hot bands of “today.”

Cornerstone Vids #34, Flatfoot 56 – 2008

Flatfoot 56 has combined the elements of punk music from artists like The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys and added a little local Chicago influence. The band has become wildly popular at Cornerstone festival with fun live shows. In the past years at Cornerstone, the band has had a toga party on stage, dressed in Chicago Bears uniforms and grilled sausages in a tailgate during a show, and last year re-enacted the storming of the Alamo. At the end of the show, the poles of the tent had literally shifted out of place as kids whirled around in a massive swirling mosh pit.

During Cornerstone 2008, Flatfoot 56 played on Main Stage and re-enacted the famous Braveheart scene. You kids down there be careful….

Want to see it from ground level? OK….

And just for fun… some high quality footage of “Chinatown Jailbreak” from Cornerstone 2007

Cornerstone Vids #33, All The Day Holiday – 2008

One week to go!

After going to Cornerstone Festival for many years, there’s a cycle of life for bands at the festival. Some bands come to the festival and just stay, returning year after year as regulars. Some bands come once or twice, exploding on the scene and then fading away just as fast. Then there are the new bands that come to the festival year after year, starting as side of the road playing out on a PA powered by a generator and working their way up to real stages in the following years.

I first saw All The Day Holiday on one these generator stages on the side of the road and since then they’ve worked their way into the stages of the festival and this year they’ll be playing on the Main Stage at Cornerstone. This is a band that I’m hoping is working their way towards becoming one of the “regulars” at the festival.

Cornerstone Vids #32, Over the Rhine – 2008

(You knew I wasn’t going to get through a whole series on bands at Cornerstone Festival without mentioning Over the Rhine, right?)

Over the Rhine played their first show on the new band stage when Cornerstone first moved out to the farm on Bushnell, Illinois and they’ve played almost every year since. The band has carved a unique slot at the festival amongst all the loud rock and roll with a little more lilting, somber sound. It’s an annual tradition to close out at least one day on the Gallery Stage at midnight with Karin Bergquist singing you to sleep. Keyboard player/songwriter Linford Detweiler says it feels almost “like a midnight mass.”

At Cornerstone 2008, the festival celebrated their 25th anniversary with a series of shows on the main stage by various artists. Over the Rhine took the front of a small stage in the middle of the crowd and charmed everyone with a cover of “Angel Band.”

Cornerstone Vids #31, mewithoutyou – 2008

There’s no other way to describe mewithoutyou other than to say they are an acquired taste. At first, the songs just seem like rambling yelling over some pretty rocking grooves, but as the listener digs deeper the layers start to unfold and things start to make a little more sense. Their live show is always unpredictable. Anything can happen and anything does happen in a concert. Harps, trumpets, people dressed as birds and more can show up on stage. At Cornerstone 2008 The Urban Sophisticates’ Benton James showed up on stage during “O Porcupine” for a truly unique Cornerstone experience.