Cornerstone Vids #24: Five Iron Frenzy – 2003

Some time in the mid 90’s, ska music became the IT thing. Ska bands started to appear out of nowhere… and they all pretty much sounded like copies of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. As the fad started to fade, Five Iron Frenzy continued to stick around, tinkering with their sound and mixing their lyrics with silly stupid songs and deeper ponderous thoughts. Their self-effacing humor and stage presence always made for a fun show. I was never really a huge Five Iron Frenzy fan, but I always found their concerts entertaining.

Cornerstone Festival celebrated their 20th Festival in 2003 with a big birthday party at the mainstage featuring several acts that had played many of the years at the festival. The birthday party concluded with bringing veteran Steve Taylor out of retirement for a short set and then following his show, Five Iron Frenzy took the stage for the last time at Cornerstone.

Something about the dancing miner during “You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here” cracks me up, I don’t know why.