Cornerstone Vids #25: P.O.D. – 2004

Sometime around late 2001, P.O.D. burst on the scene and songs like “Youth of the Nation” and “Alive” got pretty heavy radio-airplay and songs like “Boom” were played over and over on PA’s at football games. Before that, P.O.D. had already become a fixture at Cornerstone Festival for years. In 2004, the band played Main Stage with the (somewhat terrifying) addition of flames that shot up from the back of the stage.

I watched this show from the top of the hill. Even in 2004, I was smart enough to know not to get in that crowd. Stay safe kids. Don’t kill each other down there in the pit.

One thought on “Cornerstone Vids #25: P.O.D. – 2004

  1. Wow, the pyro show was 6 years ago already? Hard to believe. This was the first time I saw POD – previously, I just saw the steady stream of ambulances going to and from the main stage when they played.

    The show was OK, but the songs were marred by Sonny having the crowd sing half the words to the choruses, which resulted in some really choppy-sounding renditions of the songs. The pyro was awesome, though.

    Talk about synergy – “Alive” was just announced as DLC for Rock Band this morning. That cool, but I wish it was “Boom.” FUSHAH!

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