Cornerstone Vids #12, The Choir – 1996

The Choir was the very first band to play at the very first Cornerstone Festival in 1984. In the ensuing years, the band became a fixture at the festival, playing on main stage or on the midnight Gallery stage slot year after year. In 1996, the band released the album Free Flying Soul and announced that the tour would be their last. The show on the Gallery stage in 1996 was important because it was widely assumed that this would be the last time to see The Choir live in concert. Thankfully, this was not the case as The Choir returned to Cornerstone just a few years later. Though they don’t tour much anymore, the band still makes occasional appearances at the festival, including a performance at this year’s festival.

The 1996 Cornerstone Festival show by The Choir was filmed for release by the band on VHS. The tape has since gone out of print, but saxophone/lyricon player Dan Micheals has posted clips of the tape to YouTube. Here’s one of my favorite songs by The Choir, “Consider”

I love the audio and video quality of this clip. I love variety of camera angles including the camera focused solely on Steve Hindalong to get his quirky facial expressions as he plays guitar. I love seeing Wayne Everett hunched over the percussion adding more thunder to the drum break. I love Dan Micheals marching around the stage with the lyricon. I didn’t get to see The Choir until 2001, but I’m glad I can see some rare footage as they reached the end of an era in their history.

2 thoughts on “Cornerstone Vids #12, The Choir – 1996

  1. I love that you still can’t spell “Michaels.” 🙂

    Derri sounds a little winded in this one, but the song still kicks butt. Who’s on bass – Tim Chandler? I don’t remember him with long hair. (But I don’t remember Skinny with a buzz cut, either.) Also, who was the other guitarist that barely made it into the video?

    It’s funny to see Dan and Derri relatively skinny in this video, too. 🙂

  2. D’oh. Misspelling Michaels is my cross to bear. (It doesn’t help that Firefox’s spell check marks it as misspelled, either.)

    Pretty sure that’s Tim Chandler on bass and I’m pretty sure that’s Bill Campbell of The Throes on guitar with them, too.

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