Cornerstone Vids #15, Michael Roe – 1997

“This is not the 77’s” announced Mike Roe as he took the stage at Cornerstone Festival 1997. “…though they are all here,” he continued, referring to band-mates Mark Harmon on bass guitar and Bruce Spencer on drums who joined him on stage. Indeed, Roe had been the frontman for the band The 77’s, performing at nearly every Cornerstone Festival since the first one in 1984. This show, however, was different from the normal rock shows featuring the Rolling Stones/Led Zeppelin influenced sounds. The midnight concert featured mostly Roe’s solo work, with a couple familiar songs at the end. While Spencer and Harmon were on stage with him, there were a bevy of additional musicians on stage also to augment the sound.

Here’s a clip from the midnight 1997 show, featuring some acrobatics by one of Roe’s percussionists in the middle of the song: