I haven’t blogged lately because, quite frankly, I haven’t done anything interesting lately. I’m looking back on January and I don’t really recall anything very memorable. That seems to be the way it goes, though. After a busy and frantic December with holidays and all with the cold weather it seems like I became just as frozen as the grass outside of my house. It’s a month that fills well into the malaise I’ve been in lately.

That doesn’t mean the month has been all bad. I wish I had the discipline of some of my friends that blog a list of good things that happened every day in a month. I look back on a month and I can’t remember that much. There were bits and pieces here and there though. We’ve been taking the girls out a lot, just to fight off cabin fever in the house, and they’ve been very good for us. Thus far, we’ve avoided having to leave a shopping center or resturaunt early because one of them is throwing a temper tantrum, but I’m sure it’s bound to happen eventually. (Maybe it helps that they LOVE shopping, just like their mom.) I’m starting to finally get back to exercising and running and someday I’ll be brave enough to brave the weather and run outside again. We’ve been in the slow process of getting the house back into decent shape after all of the clutter from Christmas and we’re slowly regaining ground. As for work, well, we’ll just talk about good things here.

It’s been a month of hibernation, a rest for the upcoming year. I’m hoping for more to happen, more memories, more fun with the girls. The year is still young yet.