Vacation is Almost Over and Now It’s GameDay


Adriene and I have a enjoyed a nice relaxing couple of days here in Fort Lauderdale. While the rest of the country is buried under snow, the weatherman here complains about the fact that the high is “only” 64 and the low is 40. I have a feeling no one is crying for us. It’s been too cold to go to the beach, but we’ve driven past it a couple times. We’ve gone out to eat. We were surprised to find a street art fair (and got a nice print of one of the historic houses here) in front of our hotel. We ate doughnuts in our hotel room. It’s been a good couple of days.

Today, however, is all business. Georgia Tech wraps up their season against Iowa in the biggest bowl that Tech has been to in 40 years. We’re heading out to tailgate during the day and cheer at night. It’s going to be cold, but not nearly as cold as some other games from this season. Here’s hoping Tech finishes off the year with a win, but even if they don’t, it’s been a great couple of days off.

One thought on “Vacation is Almost Over and Now It’s GameDay

  1. I’m not sure what other games were colder this season. I’ve never been colder at a football game, and that includes below-freezing games in Boise, Raleigh, Maryland, and Atlanta. I was dressed for the cold, and was still miserable.

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