Before The Flood

So, yeah, I’m sure by now you’ve seen the news and seen all of the flooding in the Atlanta area. There was a whole lot of it here in the Austell/Dallas/Powder Springs area. Fortunately, we avoided much of the worst of it and our house is still safe and dry. We are very blessed. The biggest inconvenience we had was that our daycare was closed from some minor flooding so the girls have had a lot (A LOT) of “daddy time” over the last couple of days and daddy is very, very tired. To any stay-at-home moms who have twins, you are saints and I will gladly let you cut in front of me at the line to enter the pearly gates.

But there was stuff that happened before all of this flood mess. Georgia Tech played on Thursday night a couple of times. For the good one, I rented the FAB-u-lous 70-200mm VR lens and took a couple of shots at the game. Lighting was weird this time around. I had better results when I’ve rented it previously, so I’ll have to pore through the EXIF data and see what I did differently this time around. As for the bad Thursday night game, well, we won’t talk about that.


More pics on my Flickr account if you are so inclined.

First game of the year


There’s really no way to sugarcoat this past week. It was easily the most horrible week I’ve had in a long time. Grace got sick early in the week. Then Erin got sick in the middle of the week. Finally, I got sick late in the week. Of course, work did not wait for either me or Adriene while we cared for sick children, so we spent our time trying to do work while watching the girls and well, it sucked big time. Then on Thursday I came down with the flu, right as Adriene was counting on me to help out to prepare for this weekend, but I couldn’t do anything more than lift my head off the pillow. Yeah, sucked big time.

Fortunately, by Saturday I started to feel human again and the girls were back to health again, too. I wasn’t feeling 100%, but I was feeling good enough (and not contagious enough) to get out to the Georgia Tech – Jacksonville State game. (I thought about poor Joe Cox in the UGA-Oklahoma State game. He probably felt about like I did. I felt better, but I sure wouldn’t want to play in a football game.) It was nice to get out of the house and see friends again while Tech cruised to an easy win over Jacksonville State.

There’s more fun to be had this weekend as we celebrate the girls birthday today, but until then, you can see pictures of the game on Flickr