Off to Cornerstone 2009

I’m just about done packing. Tomorrow morning I’ll be riding in a car up to rural Illinois to go to my eighth Cornerstone Festival and I’m pretty excited. It’s a pretty familiar oddity at this point as I’ve experienced all the late nights, brutal heat, sudden storms and relentless, relentless, pounding hardcore music assaulting my ears before. Nonetheless, I get a thrill every year I get to do it. Adriene and her mom are watching the girls while I’m away and I’m really thankful to them for giving me a chance to escape for a while. If my math is correct, this is the first overnight that I will be away from the girls since New Year’s Eve and the first multiple nights that I’ve been away from them since they were born. I’ll miss my little pixies, but I think I’ve earned a little break.

Plus, this week is a chance to hang out with old friends, hobnob with some somewhat famous musicians and see a whole lot of live concerts. This year will be a great cross-section as some of my friends from the Square Peg Alliance will be performing at the festival. For some of them, this will be their first ever time here. Also, Jeff Elbel will be doing multiple shows and nobody loves us more than Ping. My friend David is doing a DJ session of his own. So, aside from all the bands to see, there will be personal reasons to catch many of the shows. I’ll be doing a little creative artwork of my own while I’m there. I’ll be shooting photos of the shows and scenes at the festival and uploading them to my Flickr site. I’ll also be regularly journaling the experience on the blog on the official Cornerstone Festival website. Check the sites regularly as I’ll be updating throughout the day. The best part of the festival is discovering new bands to listen to and God almost always surprises me with a couple lessons or thoughts to take away from the festival. I’m ready to expect the unexpected.

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