Doesn’t It Seem I’m Always Running?

During the past three days, I have driven through the mountains picking pumpkins and looking a fall leaves with my family, attended the visitation for the funeral of a friend’s mother, and reunited with old friends I hadn’t seen for many months before going to a football game. I don’t know how a soul processes all of this being pulled across the poles of emotions. That seems to be a microcosm of how things are these days, though.

I don’t know if things like technology has changed the way we relate with others, but it seems like lately I’m simultaneously called upon to celebrate with some, mourn with others, feel righteous anger for those who have been slighted, and cheer those who succeed, all at the same moment, it seems. Maybe things like Facebook are good because we’re updated almost instantly with what’s going on with all our friends, but at the same time, it wears on a heart to empathize with the wild array of emotions. Everybody seems to at a different phase of their life and all of it can be overwhelming when taken all at once. It leaves me in a familiar situation where I don’t know how to respond, and so I don’t or I do too late.

So, at the end of the weekend, it’s been an up and down range of feelings, but I’m thankful for all of the friends and opportunities to see them again. In younger days, it seems like there were plenty of chances to share meals, go on roadtrips, or just hang out with friends, but those chances don’t come so often anymore.

…and of course, I took pictures, both of our trip to the mountains and homecoming as well.

One thought on “Doesn’t It Seem I’m Always Running?

  1. But life is overwhelming, Jeff. I think we’re just called to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn. I find it a reminder in my life to keep me from being too up or too low—if I’m having a great time, I’m sure that there’s a friend who’s not; if I’m low, I can rejoice with a friend who’s high.

    Great example for me was last week, when my CPAP made all the difference in my world, but my friend’s wife died. He was happy for me that I was finally getting sleep at night—his wife had just taken to CPAP about a month before and had seen a similar energy boost—and I was able to use that energy to be with him as needed.

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