Matthew Perryman Jones and Football

I haven’t really been up to anything exciting lately so I haven’t had much to post about. Lots went on this past weekend though.

Saturday, I headed down to Georgia Tech for the Tech vs. Mississippi State game. The weather was just about perfect for football. Maybe a little bit warm but I won’t complain at all. During the tailgate in the morning, there was a touch of autumn in the air and I’m starting to get the first few feelings I get every autumn. I love this time of year. The game was probably one of the best that I’ve seen Tech play in a long time and I had lots of fun with friends in the seats around me.

Some of the photos from the game turned out pretty well, too.

On Sunday, Adriene and I took the girls for their very first concert. Dave FM was sponsoring a free show by Matthew Perryman Jones at the Smyrna Village. Once again, the weather was beautiful and the early show time made it easy to take two one year-olds. Some of our friends joined us and brought their children also and we made it a fun outdoor picnic event.


The show was great. Katie Herzig opened and joined MPJ on a couple of songs. Both of their music is available for free or donation at NoiseTrade. I’m hopeful that there will be some more shows like this during the autumn. There are a couple of upcoming concerts that I’m looking forward to as we start to move out of the hermit stage of raising infant twins.

Photos of the show available on Flickr!


It used to be, in my younger days, that I would try to cram too much into a weekend. When I was 20 years old and full of energy, this was not a problem, but these days the engine doesn’t fire as fast as it used to. Nonetheless, I had a pile-up of fun stuff all scheduled for this weekend and I was determined to do it all. And take a lot of naps in between.

On Thursday, Georgia Tech opened their football season against Jacksonville State. I had been eager to try out the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens for Nikon cameras so I rented one for the game so I could get comfortable with it for later usage. Of course, there was drama involved. My car decided to dump its contents of transmission fluid along I-75 on the way to get the lens and I had to get the car towed. I was pretty upset and vowed that if I had to replace the transmission, I was selling the car. I wasn’t really ready to buy a new car, but whatever, I was pretty unhappy at the time. Thankfully, it was only a transmission line.

So I made it to the game! And the lens? Is awesome. I will probably rent it again for a future game or concert.

Friday I had just enough time to recover and clean the house for the upcoming weekend. Two of our friends showed up late Friday night for the Clemson-Alabama game. Scott had secured a ticket for me and I was pretty excited to go to the game as it was a sellout and both fanbases were fired up for the game.


I sat in the “neutral zone” between Scott and Carla for the game.


Since I had nothing riding on the game, I had a lot of fun, even though it wasn’t really that close of a game. After suffering through choking crowds on MARTA on the way home, I finally got to sleep at 2 AM.

That’s not all! That’s a full weekend all by itself, but the next morning I was up bright and early for our girls’ first birthday! But if you want to read about that, you’re going to have to jump over to our Family blog.