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So Let’s Talk Football

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It’s almost that time of year again! In August and September I’m always eager to talk about football. By November, I’m sick of it. But! It’s August! I’m ready to talk about football! Yay! So, out with the old and in with the new. Paul Johnson has arrived at Tech after the malaise of the […]


Monday, August 11th, 2008

Lately, it feels like in the Game of Life, someone has flipped the “difficulty switch” from easy to hard. Life is hard right now. Work is hard. Finances are hard. Relationships with friends are hard. Church is hard. Caring for twin babies is hard. Everything in life is just…. hard. Usually in times like this, […]

Reading List

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

A lot of my friends have filled out this list from the BBC. So, I thought I’d give a shake at it. Here’s how it works: 1. Look at the list and bold those you have read. 2. Italicize those you intend to read. 3. Mark in red the books you LOVE. (A long with […]