Paper Route at the Masquerade


It’s not often that I get to go out to concerts anymore, but Adriene and the girls were out of town visiting her parents so I decided I needed to get out of the house for the evening. Fortunately, Paper Route was playing a show at the Masquerade so I had my plans set. This was a band that I saw at Cornerstone Festival a year ago. I have confess, they are a really hard band to describe. There are only four members of the band, but they play about ten instruments between them. In addition to guitars and keyboards, there are bells, a xylophone, electronic drum triggers, a slide guitar, and more littering the stage. The best description I’ve heard for them is “Americana meets electronica” and that doesn’t seem too far off. I guess they compare to the similarly named Postal Service.

I really wish more people were there Friday night to see this band, but the crowd was small. Maybe I’m on the cutting edge and more people will discover this band. One can only hope. Friday night’s performance was even better than the Cornerstone show I saw as they seem to have more stage presence and confidence on stage and the addition of a live drummer only added to the strength of the music. They played the songs from their new ep, Are We All Forgotten and some from their earlier self-titled ep. After listening to the new ep, I really see a jump in quality in their music with more diverse instrumentation and incredible vocals. They seem poised to gain mainstream attention really soon.


The night was augmented by a full lineup of bands. The first two bands were ok, but the pleasant surprise of the evening was a Nashville friend of Paper Route named Brooke Waggoner. She brought along friends on cello and guitars who were joined by Paper Route’s drummer. Her songs were lively and poignant all with a light sense of humor.

When I was younger, I didn’t hesitate to head out to some dirty, tiny club to see some band I’d never heard of, hoping to catch “the next big thing”, sometimes seeing a great show and sometimes seeing a bust. I don’t do that quite as much any more, but it was fun for one evening and maybe someday I can tell people about the time I saw Paper Route with 30 other people in a bar.

4 thoughts on “Paper Route at the Masquerade

  1. they are on the bill for the show i’m going to see in early August (Paramore), so i’ll be sure to get there on time to see them. i liked what i heard on myspace, kind of reminded me of Death Cab.

  2. I like the newer one Are We All Forgotten more just from initial listenings so far. It’s a little more dynamic and energetic.

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