If you close your eyes, you can almost smell the funnel cakes

Not there anymore. R.I.P. Pavilion

Last week we travelled out to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week of being useless while sitting on the beach. For the most part, it was your pretty typical family vacation. We swam around the pool. I played some golf. We ate way too much. We did it all with the girls and it was pretty fun seeing them play in the ocean for the first time.

One of the highlights for me during the week, though, was when Adriene and I drove downtown into old part of Myrtle Beach. As we drove down the Ocean Boulevard, Adriene would point out some of the older hotels nestled in between the monolithic towers and tell me where they stayed on past family vacations. For just a moment, my mind’s eye was opened to her past and I could almost see her as a young child with her parents, playing on the beach, much like my sister and I did when we went to Panama City Beach when we were children.

At the heart of downtown, we parked near the vacant lot that was once The Pavilion. Fortunately, I had seen the old amusement park when we came to Myrtle Beach a couple years ago. It’s a sad sight as the property owners tore the park down last year intending to build high-end condos and subsequently ran out of money. So, there’s nothing there now but grass and a couple trees.

I could close my eyes for a moment though, and I could see Adriene’s past summer vacations or her parents’ honeymoon and I could hear the organ music, smell the fried food, and hear the screams as the rollercoaster rattled above me.

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