Andy Gullahorn and Jill Philips at Acoustic Jeremiah


Much like the previous concert Adriene and I went to a couple weeks ago, Andy Gullahorn and Jill Philips are a married couple that produce music individually. However, both sometimes come together in concert to combine strengths and deliver a show of enjoyable music. Their marriage is a context that permeates the show and you realize immediately these are two people who have known each other a long time and know how to draw the best out of each other.

The show was located at the wonderful Acoustic Jeremiah, a small church venue in Canton, Georgia. The intimate nature of venue and the remote location give you the feeling you are participating in something special. The welcoming attitude of the hosts gives you the feeling you are entering into a community. It really does enhance the show. I’m hoping there are many more shows to come at this location.

Philips and Gullahorn provide a perfect foil to each other. They performed “in the round” which Andrew Peterson has always said means “if you don’t like one artist, you have to endure a couple songs before you can listen to the next one.” Performing in the round means that Philips tender, sometimes heartbroken songs meshed with Gullahorn’s clever, wry, and sometimes flippant songs. Philips would silence the crowd with a reverant air with a song like “I Am” and Gullahorn would elicit guffaws with a song like “Green Hills Mall.” The two combined voices and guitars for many beautiful songs by each of the two, ending the night with acapella renditions of “All Hail The Name” and the “Doxology.”

Great shows are more that just performances, they are the gathering of a community and the Square Peg Alliance and Acoustic Jeremiah always seem to deliver in that way.

Photos of the show here!

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