It’s been a pretty gratifying year for me so far creatively. So far, I’ve had a couple of my photos used on various websites, I’ve been interviewed on a radio station, and now I’ve had two articles and a photo published in a book about the band Over the Rhine. The first article is about the connection between Over the Rhine and Cornerstone Festival and the second article is about my first Over the Rhine concert experience. It’s always exciting to see your work in print and alongside other writers and I have a nice sense of accomplishment for myself and the editors that worked hard on this project.

Unfortunately, the printing was a limited run, so you won’t be able to pick up the book up at a store or order it on, but I’ll be glad to pridefully show the book to anyone who asks.

Derek and Sandra at Eddie’s Attic


I’ve admitted before that I’m a sucker for songs about marital bliss. So when Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, two accomplished singer-songwriters each on their own, announced they would be releasing an EP of duets together on Valentine’s Day of 2008 I was already sold. The CD is a delightful little reprieve for each of their individual works that incorporate a little bit of smooth production and a lot of harmonies.

Adriene and I went to the second show last night which was a whole lot of fun. We met up with two new friends who are new to Atlanta and did the required 30 minute stand in line at Taqueria del Sol for delicious tacos. Afterwards, we headed over to Eddie’s Attic for the show. When I reserved the table, I didn’t know how early I was in ordering the tickets. Our table was front and center. We were literally sitting next to the stage.

Derek and Sandra played about half the show together, playing some of the songs from the new Ampersand ep, and then Derek played the rest of the show by himself. He said that only the night before he was very sick and by the end of the night last night his voice was pretty ragged. Sandra came up on stage and bailed him out by singing most of “Faith My Eyes” at the end of the song.

During Derek’s part of the show, he broke a string and while he was restringing the guitar, he had an amusing question and answer session where:

  • Someone asked the meaning behing his son’s name, Rhodes. He was named after his grandfather, not the Fender Rhodes.
  • Someone asked who he voted for in the primary. He confessed to voting for Ron Paul. I guess he’s been talking to Andy O. a lot.
  • Derek also gave his “love language” speech about beer. He admitted to not drinking that night because he was still sick and dehydrated. When he reminded us of this at the end of the night, he said “what am I saying? Get one for the road?” The cold medication was clearly kicking in.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am always refreshed to hear songs about love from a perspective of marriage. It’s one of the reasons I love artists like Over the Rhine and Derek and Sandra. I like artists that stretch themselves and challenge themselves to explore what its like to love someone that you’ve known for years and want to know for years to come. It’s a nice change from the one-night stand music I hear all the time on the radio.

Photos of the show on my Flickr site!

New Toys

I wrote an entry about missing Easter Church service this year because of baby/family commitments, but about halfway through I re-read it and realized it was really depressing and not going anywhere, so it’s been thrown in the digital trash can. So, instead, I will make myself feel better with some retail therapy and materialistically brag about my new purchases.


The Asus Eee PC Microlaptop
I loved the concept new Apple MacBook Air. (Solid-state memory hard drives make me swoon.) However, the cost of the laptop made it simply unrealistic for me. However, I discovered this little guy via a friend of mine and I was immediately drawn to it because of it’s durability, light weight, and most of all, dirt cheap price. The Eee PC is tiny, but powerful enough to work as a travel laptop. It’s got 4 GB of memory as a hard drive, but I added an 8 GB SD card to it to give it a little more space and since it has USB ports galore, I can always plug in my external hard drive to view photos or listen to music. The Celeron processor isn’t a screamer, but the Linux OS is so lightweight that it is still very capable of streaming online video and such. The only downside I’ve experienced so far is the tiny keyboard which can sometimes be difficult to use, but I’ve picked up a wireless USB keyboard for work and it works perfectly with the laptop. So far, I’m very pleased with the laptop

Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens
This photo was taken with my new wide-angle lens. I rented a fisheye lens a couple weeks ago and had a ton of fun with it. However I wanted to own something that would give me a similar wide angle, but decided on something a little more practical. This lens should give me the opportunity to take some good landscape panoramas and I’m eager to try it out this football season (though I will probably rent a fisheye during the season for stadium shots anyways.) The only downside I’ve experienced so far with this lens is the suprisingly small aperture, it’s pretty slow when I shoot indoors without a flash.