Skipping Georgia

Counting my student tickets, I’ve attended almost every Georgia Tech home game since 1993. There have been a couple exceptions. I missed almost the entire season of 1995 because I was working in south Florida. I missed a couple games here and there including a couple because of weddings, which is where I remind you that having your wedding in Fall is wrong people. Just. Wrong.

However, this might be the first Georgia Tech home game that I can ever remember willingly skipping. I sold my game ticket to another Tech fan a couple weeks ago, mainly because I just didn’t feel like dealing with it this year. Football games are already emotionally intense and the Georgia game is even more so. Yes, maybe one of the big reasons that I sold the ticket is that Tech has lost to Georgia six years in a row, and there is no indication that there should be any reason it won’t be seven years in a row after Saturday. Even if Tech wins, though, I don’t know if I really want to be there anyways. Maybe its the horrid behavior of Georgia fans who act like they own the place. Maybe its the horrid behavior of our own fans at the game, who are wretched to Georgia fans when Tech loses, and even worse when Tech wins. Maybe its the bad feelings it stirs up in me about other people at the game. I’m not proud of things I’ve said at past Tech-UGA games. I don’t know. It’s not fun for me anymore and $50 is a lot of money to spend to go to something that I emotionally equate with a trip to the dentist. I’ll take the $50 I got for the ticket and use it something that’s, well, actually fun.

So, I’ll be home tomorrow, no doubt feeding the girls and watching the game on TV. I’ll see if I can teach the girls to cheer for Tech.

…but the best part is, when the game gets ugly, I can just turn it off. Maybe I can teach the girls to be fair-weather fans, too.