Lots of coffee and West Coast football

I promised I wouldn’t inundate you with lots of baby talk and baby pictures on this blog. However, if that is your thing, you can find plenty of some of the most adorable girls we know here.

A month into being a new parent and so far we are surviving. Finding sleep with two infants is a challenge, but we’ve managed pretty well. Adriene is a trooper and handles most of the late night feedings between midnight and 6 AM. Adriene, by the way, has been amazing. The transformation that I’ve watched from “wife” to “mother” has left me speechless. You really don’t know how someone is going to behave with children until they have their own, but I’m pretty sure Adriene is going to be (and already has been) an incredible mother.

During weekends I usually relieve her around 6 AM and let her sleep in late, but otherwise, it’s usually the two of us feeding babies and keeping them happy. Most nights, we both stay up pretty late, hanging around for the midnight-1:00 feeding before turning in to bed. I’ve watched more late night TV in the last month than I have ever watched in my life. Most years I’ve complained that postseason baseball is always on too late for me, but not this year. I’ve been happy to have something to watch late into the night.

Saturdays have been particularly special this fall. Adriene has let me slip away to go to Tech’s home games, but on away game weekends I get to stay home and watch football and feed babies all day long. We sit in the den and watch the day pass before us, usually feeding the babies before lunch, watching the afternoon regional broadcast of some ACC or Big 10 game, feeding the babies, watching the national SEC broadcast or national ABC game with Big 12 teams, feeding the babies, and watching the evening game (usually involving some SEC team), feeding babies, and then watching some Pac 10 game late into the evening. The day has a particular rhythm to it as the focus of attention moves from the east coast to the west coast and the shadows grow long and late into the night. Right now, the girls don’t really respond too much to my whoops and hollers when someone makes a good play, but I can’t wait until they can watch football with me.

Much like the month of July when we spent a while in the hospital, Adriene and I have had a lot of time on our hands to spend together and it’s been memorable. Sometimes we talk about deeper serious topics, but most of the time we just talk about pop culture and make snarky jokes about sports. In some ways, it still feels like it’s just the two of us, bonding together, but as the babies become more interactive (right now about the only interaction they do with us is cry when they want to eat, cry when they want to be changed, cry when they want to be held, etc.) then we will start transitioning more from two of us to four of us.

Concert Review: Caedmon’s Call in Suwanee, GA


Caedmon’s Call put on a fun show in Suwanee, GA this past weekend. The show was part of a day-long festival for a cause called “Amigos for Christ” which ministers to Nicaragua. The show was held in a little open-air amphitheater right in downtown Suwanee which was very nice. I wish a town on this side of Atlanta had something like that. They were the headlining band, the last of the day.

It was a short show, about 90 mins. They hit most of their familiar songs. Judging from the reactions of the crowd, I don’t think they knew that CC had done any other songs other than “Hope To Carry On”, “This World”, “40 Acres”, and of course “God of Wonders” but they were appreciative. The band was everyone except for Danielle, still home and expecting an arrival any day now, and Jeff Miller, who was ably filled in by Aaron Sands. The girl filling in for Danielle was named (and I know I’m going to butcher this spelling) Sarah Fruse(?) (pronounced Fruh-Say) and she did a fine job. They did a couple songs off of Overdressed, “I Need Your Love” and “There Is A Reason” and Andy did “High School Band” solo.

The funniest moment of the show came when a couple kids at the front of the stage dressed in purple and gold got up to leave and Cliff stopped them

Cliff: “Where are you going?”
Kids: “To go see the LSU score…”
Cliff: “Go around the corner of the stage and go into our tour bus. The game is on the TV there. Then come back and tell us the score.”
Kids: ……
Cliff: “Seriously. Go!”
Cliff goes on rant about how weak the Pac 10 is, while Andrew and Josh look at him like he’s speaking Chinese.
Cliff (to Andrew and Josh): “That’s the game where you have the oblong ball and the big yellow posts.”
Andrew: “Why is it a ball? Even my two-year old knows that a ball is round.”
Josh: “Why don’t they call it foot-spheroid?”

After a couple songs, the kids haven’t returned…

Cliff: “I hope they didn’t steal anything from our tour bus, like our wallets…”
Andrew: “It’s ok. There’s nothing in them.”

Finally, near the end of the show, they return
Cliff: “What’s the score?”
Kids: “3-0”
Cliff: “Only a field goal?” (to Josh and Andrew) “that’s when they kick the ball through the posts.”
Cliff: “Was it worth missing half our show for only a field goal?”
Kids: “YES!”

Anyhow, if you made it down this far, you reward is pictures…. Pictures! Pictures!