Beneath Medicine Tree

After a week in the hospital, Adriene is back home and we are back to almost normal life around the house. The week in the hospital was … oddly serene. We didn’t do a whole lot other than watch TV, browse the Internet, and read a whole lot (Adriene knocked out the last Harry Potter book in something like seven hours. I’m reviewing all previous six books before reading book 7, so I’m not quite there yet. Don’t tell me what happens or I will cut you.) We really felt like we were in the eye of a hurricane with it all so calm after drama and no doubt before more drama as the birth approaches.

I’ve always had a pretty big aversion to hospitals, mostly because my only childhood memories of the hospital were going to visit relatives shortly before they would die. That’s not really good memories to build on. I had to keep telling myself there are far more sinister reasons to have to spend time here. A friend of mine lost her mother to cancer in a hospital this past week. I hope after God throws Satan and Death into the lake of fire that Cancer is the next to go in.

It was an odd juxtaposition walking from our room to the cafeteria, walking from rooms where new life begins past halls where everyone was sick and dying. It was a lot for my mind to process and I think I’m still processing it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I’m around so many people with such a vast range of emotions going on and I shut down. When I get in these situations, I let myself go numb so I won’t get overwhelmed. I’ve ordered a lot of fast-food this week and I’m sure each person behind the counter has thought “who is this guy and why does he mumble his orders so quietly?” I dunno. I guess I just need some time to sort out how I feel about so many different things going on right now.