Over the Rhine and Patty Griffin in one weekend


The winter cold returned for a visit to Atlanta and it put Over the Rhine into a winter mood. The wind howled outside, but inside Smith’s Old Bar it was warm and packed full with as many people as the upstairs room could hold. Over the Rhine seems to be steadily building a fanbase in the Atlanta area and it would appear that it has outgrown the small room that has held so many previous Over the Rhine shows.

Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist brought a Georgia connection with them to the show. Athens native Jake Bradley, formerly of the Vigilantes of Love, played bass guitar, electric guitar, and upright bass on many of the songs while the talented Mickey Grimm played drums. Detweiler switched between keyboards and bass guitar on songs while Bergquist provided her trademark vocals. In between two albums, the band played some of the cold weather themed songs from their winter (it’s not fair to say Christmas) album Snow Angels and gave the audience a preview of song of their new songs from the upcoming album The Trumpet Child.

The night started out a little subdued with slower songs from their previous albums, but by the time they reached the title track for the upcoming album, the band was rollicking. Grimm displayed his considerable chops on drums on the song “The Trumpet Child” and the crowd started to get excitable. Over the Rhine even gave a nod to Jake Bradley’s hometown with a cover of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love”, a slow burn song featuring powerful vocals by Bergquist on the chorus.

The band obliged the crowd with an encore of the steamy song “North Pole Man” to warm up the cold night and then a new folk ditty name-checking some of their favorite musicians in “If A Song Could Be President.” They didn’t stop there, coming back for another encore, feeling the winter mood with a tounge-in-cheek cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” leaving the crowd with a wry grin on their face for the evening.


-Long Lost Brother
-I’m On A Roll
-I Don’t Want to Waste Your Time
-Nothing Is Innocent Now
-The Trumpet Child
– Who Am I Kidding?
-We’re Gonna Pull Through
-The One I Love
-Last Night on Earth, Again
-Orphan Girl

Encore 1
-North Pole Man
-If a Song Could be President

Encore 2
-Hush Now (Stella’s Tarantella)
-Baby It’s cold Outside

Pictures of the concert are on my Flickr site. Unfortunately, my location wasn’t really conducive to taking pictures and the place was packed so full that I didn’t feel like shoving my way to the front, so unfortunately, they are what they are.

Postscript: I should add that the night before I went with my lovely wife and a good friend of ours to see Patty Griffin at The Tabernacle. Adriene is a much bigger fan of Griffin than I am, so I was just along for the ride and spending the night on the town with two lovely ladies was a nice bonus. I found, however, that I enjoyed the show much, much more than I thought I would. The band was great and the songs were engaging. Even the opener, Scott Miller, was fun for his short set. We all had a great time.

2007 Final Four

I’m still catching up on sleep after a fun Monday and Saturday night watching the Final Four. My father-in-law and I got tickets last year and we were eagerly anticipating this weekend. We knew the odds that either of our teams would make it that far were pretty low, but regardless we were going to have fun anyways.

I didn’t really have any loyalties to any of the teams, Florida, Georgetown, UCLA, and Ohio State. This enabled me to enjoy the whole tournament more or less objectively and just have fun rather than stress out about winning or losing. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve left a sports event not disappointed, unhappy, or angry (I’m sentenced to cheering for underachieving teams. It’s my lot in life.)

As I’ve always suspected, every team has got their classy fans and their mouth-breathers, but it’s easier to see when you aren’t wearing the rose-colored lens of “your” team always has the good fans and “their” team always has the morons. I’m not necessarily so susceptible to that bias. Regardless, most of the fans we interacted with were pretty cool and we enjoyed sitting around. We sat mostly around Florida and Ohio State fans for the weekend and the Florida fans were the loudest of the weekend. There weren’t any exciting buzzer-beaters, but there was definitely a buzz in the arena for all of the games.

We also got to see plenty of future NBA stars and exciting plays, and for the first, I got to see an actual championship game. I’ve been to plenty of sporting events, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the climatic “final” game where the trophy was handed out.

Hats off to the city of the Atlanta, too. Security and police were present enough to make me feel safe without being oppressive. The city had Centennial Olympic Park all decked out and plenty of stuff for fans to do around the Dome. Finally, for once, FOR ONCE, MARTA actually ran often and on time! I was shocked to wait no more than 3 or 4 minutes for a train once during the whole weekend. Maybe the city felt like putting on a good face for visitors from D.C., Ohio, Florida, and California. Everyone we talked to had good things to say about Atlanta, which is nice after PR black eyes from the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

…and of course, I took pictures! I took the Coolpix on Saturday night and dragged out the D50 on Monday night, so the Championship pictures are a little better. I’m glad I got a chance to go, who knows when I’ll ever get an opportunity to experience a Final Four in person again?