Registration Reactivated!

I had no idea up until yesterday that for some time now, I had deactivated registration on my site and since you have to have an account here to make comments, well, that cut down on comments on my site a whole lot. To think, all of the myriad of readers unable to comment on my posts! Alas!

Anyways, I’ve re-enabled registration on my site, so if you’ve been dying to say something about one of my posts, knock yourself out.

Musical Meme!

Normally, I don’t do these kinds of things, but this one was pretty fun. I saw it first on CJ’s blog, but then Adriene did it on hers also.

The rules: Shuffle your iPod (or iTunes) and take the first 25 songs. Now take the first line of the lyrics of each of those songs. No cheating and skipping embarrassing songs! List out the first lines of each song. Now, it’s up to you, the reader to guess the songs. How many can you figure out? Drop a comment below with your guesses if you are so inclined.

1. How long before I get in? Before it starts? Before I begin?
2. I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord
3 Why do I have to fly over every town up and down the line?
4. Wake up! The dawn of another dull day. Take up your dreams and on your way
5. I know what you’re doing to me, boy. You move so fast like a psychopathic color TV
6. I’ve got my mind made up, I’ve got love you or leave you fast.
7. The day’s last one-way ticket train pulls in. We smile for the casual closure capturing
8. It’s a muggy night in Houston, all the intersections are like full-serve stations
9. It’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea
10. I’m in shambles, blown to bits by our troubles
11. No I’m not sure where we’re going. I can’t even tell you where we are.
12. Where were you when you forget your name? When all faces look the same?
13. Turn off all the lights and let’s begin. Switch on all the dark and the music spin.
14. She was the one who caught the bouquet. The best of her best friend’s wedding day.
15. There’s tarnish on the golden rule and I want jump from this ship of fools.
16. The moon blindsided the sky again as we grab loose ends of the tide and then
17. Tom, get your plane right on time. I know your part will go fine.
18. I got this new drug and her name is Stella, fella.
19. I wish you out of the woods and into a picture with me.
20. The more you see the less you know. The less you find out as you go.
21. “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” Is your Benzedrine, uh-huh?
22. He likes caviar. He likes champaigne. He calls his broker just to check his gain.
23. I want to float you like a cloud. I want to drink you like a flower drinks rain.
24. We brandish plastic swords, more of a game than a war. Nobody’s keeping score.
25. Well, it looks like five thousand miles broke the camel’s back.

Introducing friends to MuteMath

It’s an intimidating thing, introducing your friends to music you like. You are going out on a limb a little bit and making yourself a little bit vulnerable. There is a crushing fear they will listen to something you hold dear and roll their eyes a little bit and say something like, “I’m sorry I don’t get it” (which really means they are thinking, “why does he waste all his time with this stuff?”) Concerts are even more so nerve-wracking because they have to commit two to three hours of their time and you catch yourself glancing over from time to time just hoping they aren’t bored out of their minds.

Fortunately, boring is a word you cannot use when you describe Mute Math.

Some friends of ours asked us to take them to the next “cool” concert we went to and I knew immediately what band we should take them to. Aside from the fact they create great music, this band is so entertaining to watch live with their improv jams and crazy antics on stage. This is the third time Adriene and I have seen them and it still hasn’t gotten old.

We decided not subject our friends to the pushing and shoving of the crowd down front at the Variety Playhouse and elected to take our seats in the middle of the theater. This was high enough to see about the standing kids up front, but close enough to see everything going on. Somebody Loves You, Boris Yeltsin and The Cinematics opened the show and they were entertaining enough, though we were definitely reserving our energy and cheering for the main act. Mute Math delivered again, even playing a new song that I hadn’t heard before, from Paul Meany’s leap off of the keyboard to start “Typical” to the encore of “Reset” where the crowd took the atari instrument and passed it around. Every show I see by this band, I can’t help grinning like a fool

Seems this is way Mute Math’s popularity has blossomed, via word of mouth and the Internet, by bringing friends to shows and showing them YouTube clips. It seems to be working pretty well.

…and our friends? I’m pretty sure they liked it, too, given the looks on their faces.