Everything Is Going to Change

A couple weeks ago, Adriene brought this to me….


Awesome!!! We are going to have a baby!

Well, that was just the start. On Friday, she had the ultrasounds done…

There’s the little critter!

Wait? Why is there a second ultrasound?

Oh….. because there are two… in there.

Things just got interesting.

Note: In an effort not to turn mine or Adriene’s blogs into “babyblogs”, we are starting a whole new blog about our family! For all our family and friends who just have to know every detail, please visit The Instant Family We’ll try to talk about poop and spit as little as possible, we promise.

A Week With the Mouse

During last year at a point where we had hit a low point, Adriene decided she wanted to go to “The Happiest Place on Earth.” So we planned to do a trip to Walt Disney World in February. I also have …. mixed feelings at Disney. I love the landscaping and design of the parks. I love the architecture. I love the rides. I don’t love the crowds. I don’t love the lines. I don’t love that everything you do will cost you money, and a lot of it. After a week at Disney, I was so surprised that it cost me only a dollar for a bagel for breakfast at work. A dollar??? Only a dollar?? What a deal!

We did have a great time. We had tea at the Grand Floridian and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little time away from all the children and all the chaos at Walt Disney World. We also went to Disney Quest, but I found it a little overrated. ($30 to wait in line to play video games?? Not as great as it sounds.) We went to all four theme parks and enjoyed fireworks at night and even snuck in a session of miniature golf while were there. We stayed at the All-Star Sports Resort which gives Disney quality at low prices. It’s not luxurious, but it does give you all the benefits of staying on Disney property (i.e. Disney transportation, no parking, no traffic!) As is always the case with Disney, we saw a lot of happy parents and children and a lot of crying children and tired parents. I’m going to try my best and hold off on taking children to Disney until they are at least grade school age. I didn’t see many people with strollers and such having very much fun, but maybe they were.

Of course, once we returned home, we were greeted back to the real world. The first shower taken a home resulted in a huge leak pouring water into our living room on the bottom floor. Welcome back indeed. Our plumber arrives at the house today. I’m sure it’s not going to be cheap, but hopefully he won’t be charging at Disney rates.

View pictures of our trip to Walt Disney World!

Writing Is A Muscle You Must Exercise

This weekend, my friend Jeremy introduced me to a Christian writers group here in Atlanta. I’ve never thought of myself as a “professional” writer, I’m just an amateur (much like I’m an amateur photographer, musician, etc.) I’m a professional computer programmer, the rest of the stuff is just hobbies. However, the idea of sitting in with published writers and listening to the feedback they give to each others’ works was too much to pass up. I was fascinated by all of the different writings from so many different perspectives and walks of life.

I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately, mostly just due to a lack of subject matter. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, but maybe the pipeline is just a little bit clogged. Maybe having someone to review, edit, and critique some of what I write would help get the juices flowing. Maybe I’ll have something to bring to the table at next month’s meeting.

Final Four Tickets!

Final Four Tickets

My Final Four tickets arrived today! I’ll be going with my father-in-law, who likely will be hating me by the end of the event as it looks more and more like his nemisis, the North Carolina Tarheels, will be there. I’m pretty excited to be going, regardless of who is playing. This might be my only opportunity to go to a Final Four and I’m looking forward to the whole experience.

I found it pretty funny that my tickets are labeled “Distant View Upper Level”. That’s right. Only the best for this high roller.