Redneck Golf

Being the engineers that we are, our tailgating group brought a new game this past weekend to play before the Duke-Georgia Tech game:

Behold! Redneck Golf!

It actually has been called a couple different names…. Redneck Golf…. Dandy Golf…. Hillbilly Golf. I like Redneck Golf because well, we’re rednecks. It’s a pretty fun game, where you throw golf balls, tied together bolo-style at a ladder of PVC pipes and you score based on which rungs the golf balls wrap around. You can play one on one or in teams of two and it only requires one hand to throw the golf balls, so you don’t even have to put your beverage down while tailgating and playing.

Here’s a site with rules and instructions on how to build your own set.

Our lovely model, Adriene, displays perfect form as she makes a throw.

The game against Duke was a nice way to close out the 2006 home football season. Hopefully there’s still some more glory left for this team to achieve during this season.

As for me, it’s off to Savannah for a couple days of turkey, dressing, and football on TV with the in-laws, and hopefully a chance to ramble around the squares of Savannah and shoot some pictures.