Reviewing My Notes

A whole lot of stuff has happened over the last couple of days, so I’m going to see if I can recap it all.

I knew last week was going to be busy and I had a lot going on, so I scheduled a couple of vacation days. (I called them “sick-of-work” days.) I’m glad I did, it was nice to get away from the office and take “vacation” that didn’t involve packing up a bunch of stuff driving somewhere and then coming home in a blurry daze and going to work the next day before I’ve even unpacked my suitcase.

Wednesday night I went to see Sufjan Stevens in concert at the Fox Theatre. I love the Fox, but unfortunately I’d have to say this was a pretty negative experience, a first for me. Not that it was the performer’s fault. I actually enjoyed the concert quite a bit. I don’t know how much I would enjoy Stevens’ work if it was merely him and an acoustic guitar, but the horns and string section add a dimension to his works that make the songs shine. I love the dynamic range of volume that the orchestra provides and the push and pull of the songs. Unfortunately, the Fox sound system failed Sufjan Stevens in the middle of one of his songs, reducing lush strings to static. The band paused for a bit, at a loss for what to do, but the microphone was quickly replaced and the concert resumed, but one couldn’t help feel like the spell had been broken. Combine that with the fact that my seats were up against the side of the theater with an obstructed view that was outside of the speaker cone and well, I couldn’t help feeling that it was a good concert that could’ve been so much more.

Thursday I did some errands for Adriene and took the opportunity to visit Stone Mountain, a park that I used to go to all the time as a child, but don’t visit much anymore since I live on the other side of Atlanta. I climbed the mountain and took some photos and wandered around the park. That evening, I picked up Adriene and we enjoyed some Georgia Tech football.

During the weekend, we drove up to Blue Ridge for a retreat for our alumni association for my fraternity. Hopefully, lots of good things this year are coming for the fraternity, both for the actives at the chapter and for the alumni. It’s time to start doing all the things we’ve been promising.

But for now, it’s nice to just have some quiet nights at home after last week’s craziness.

Friday Night Lights and Saturday Day Heat

Wow, more football and photos! The month of September has had a lot of football to watch. On Friday night, Adriene had a “girls night out” with her friends, so I had the night free to do whatever I wanted to do. So, I headed out to the local high school to catch a little football. Harrison was playing North Cobb in a pretty good game and I wanted a chance to practice some night photography. Some of the pictures turned out pretty good and it’s always a lot of fun to enjoy a warm night at the end of summer, watch some football, and be entertained by high schooler hijinks. I couldn’t think of a better way to kill a Friday night.

Saturday was more football as Georgia Tech played Troy. Unlike the pleasant Friday night, Saturday was pretty brutal, but we enjoyed tailgating and watching a Tech win.

This week is going to be crazy. Sufjan Stevens on Wednesday night. Thursday night football at Georgia Tech. The week finishes off with another trip to the mountains. I scheduled a couple of vacation days later this week because I knew this was going to be a busy week. Should be intense, but hopefully a lot of fun.

Pictures from Tech-Notre Dame


I’ve uploaded some of my pictures from this week’s Tech versus Notre Dame game on Flickr

We had a lot of fun tailgating and Georgia Tech played their guts out. Some of the pictures turned out pretty well. I’m still getting the White Balance figured out when I use slow shutter speeds. I’m definitely looking forward to next week when Tech will be playing under the sun and I can take some more action shots.

Everybody loves Rudy…. except for me.

Yeah… I’m looking at you … #45.

It’s time for football again! This year, Georgia Tech will start off against the name probably in brightest lights. Notre Dame comes to Atlanta bringing a national broadcast, loads of hype, and probably every subway alumni that could e-bay a ticket. The matchup should be huge. Of course, the 1975 game is the most ballyhooed of all the games, immortalized by the movie Rudy which still makes every Tech fan see red, but there have been plenty of other matchups between Notre Dame and Georgia Tech.

Not that you could really call it a rivalry. Out of the 32 times the two teams have met, Tech has only won five times. That’s not exactly a rivalry, Tech has been more of a cupcake that Notre Dame schedules between their games against USC and Michigan. Some of those five wins have been pretty memorable, however. In 1976, Tech beat Notre Dame without throwing a single pass, using the wishbone offense to move the ball on the ground the entire game. At the same time of the infamous 1980 Georgia-Florida game while Larry Munson was screaming “Lindsay Scott!! Lindsay Scott!!”, Georgia Tech pulled an upset off against #1 Notre Dame not with a win, but with a 3-3 tie. Ironically, the tie bumped Notre Dame out of the top spot in the polls and vaulted the hated Bulldogs up to #1 and on their National Championship.

The win over Notre Dame I’ll remember most though, is the 1999 Gator Bowl victory. Little Joe Hamilton and Dez White hooked up to roll over the Irish. The final score was 35-28, but it really wasn’t that close as the Irish made a feeble attempt to come back late in the game. The game was my first ever bowl game and it was fun to see so many Tech fans show up. We outnumbered the Irish fans at least 3 to 1 at the game. I wonder if the odds will be that good in our own stadium this Saturday? The whole weekend spent in Jacksonville with friends and the girl I had just started dating, one young Adriene Hodges, has lots of great memories.

Bring out the green jerseys again like you did in 1999, Notre Dame, we dare you.