Recharged by a rock show

I’ve been pretty tired and lethargic over the last couple of weeks and I had forgotten that Mae was playing at the Masquerade last night. I went back and forth on whether I had the energy to go to the show, stay out late and drive back late at night back home. A couple of friends of mine were going to the show, so I relented because I knew at the very least, it would be an entertaining night from their humor.

The show itself was pretty good. The two opening bands (Edision Glass and The Spill Canvas) were talented enough and interesting enough to keep my attention and the crowd was espeically into it. The teenage girls in particular were all about Edison Glass. Mae was tight as well. They played mostly songs from their critically acclaimed sophmore album The Everglow, but also played a couple tracks from their first album and also a new song for us called “Crazy Eights” that will be on their new album. The sound was loud and the mix was, as Jerry put it, “not very gentle.” I’m very glad I had earplugs or I would be deaf today. The set started out with the songs from The Everglow that I wasn’t as much a fan of, so I didn’t really get into the show until later into the concert when they started playing the songs I like one right after the other. By the encore, I was pretty excited about the show.

I had forgotten what kind of a buzz hovers over the crowd in these club shows and I have to confess I miss it a little. I don’t go to those kinds of shows as much anymore. Even if I had to stand for three hours and my back and knees were stiffer than plywood, there’s something about being in the middle of all that energy. I’ll confess, I have a huge soft spot for high school seniors and college kids. There’s so many people all at so many crossroads in each their lives. It’s all pretty exciting.

I went to the show worried that I would be exhausted and dragging the next day, but instead I’m finding myself recharged. Maybe I siphoned and borrowed a little electricity from all those kids in the crowd.

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